Keys to Tulsa

Keys to Tulsa

Richter Boudreau is on a bad streak: Languishing in the shadow of his celebrity mother, he loses his job as a film critic for the town paper, and now he's been approached with a dangerous proposition that ultimately leads to blackmail. Richter's friend Ronnie ropes him into a scheme to steal the inheritance of his wife, Vicky.

Richter Boudreau is a son of local celebrity Cynthia who is not very successful and works as a film critic for local newspaper. In a short time he loses his job, heritage, and one of his "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff J (kr) wrote: Worthy low budget actioner 7/10

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Raven G (gb) wrote: this movie is to funny

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Dea Y (nl) wrote: Just brilliant--nothing else to say.