The story revolves around a remote village in Andhra Pradesh plagued by a strange disease killing a lot of people. The soothsayer of the village predicts that God would come to their village for rescue. Meanwhile, Raju (Mahesh Babu) a cab driver in Hyderabad goes to Rajasthan to handover an insurance cheque to a man's family who dies in his car. In a strange situation, Raju meets a man from the village and gets to know about their problem. Soon Raju realizes he is none other than the God-sent, the soothsayer predicted, and the rest of the story is all about how Raju takes up the responsibility to rescue the village from the clutches of evil.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Telugu,Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   fight,  

When a mysterious illness ravages a remote village, the villagers embrace a reluctant taxi driver as their savior. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Supratik M (de) wrote: Special 26 is a marvelous attempt to emulate movies like Ocean's 11 and bring them to Bollywood. Other than some minor problems with the believability of the plot and a few tedious repeated scenes, the movie definitely delivers.

Rogerinho S (es) wrote: A pretty lacklustre movie which aims for nice but only manages schmaltzy.

Clara V (us) wrote: It was good, kind of sad though. There wasn't really a true ending.

Chris D (de) wrote: A very complex, well thought out film.

Chris D (gb) wrote: Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi and David Arquette (yes David Arquette) star in a heartbreaking account of an Auschwitz camp uprising...Tim Blake Nelson depicts the true abhorrence of the Nazi's by utilizing a first person point-of-view which may be too graphically morbid for some.

Tristan M (nl) wrote: Not sure how close this movie sticks to historically events, other than it doesn't really for most of it, but makes for a great and enjoyable watch about a time in history that isn't shown in film much. The film goes quite in depth with its long running time, and has great character development and story behind it all. The acting and story are the stars here, particularly by Daniel Day-Lewis as his role of the Butcher, who's although not the main character the film followed per say, he is the star of the show and gains the full attention of the audience with his ruthlessness and insanity. He steals every scene he's in, thanks to his acting and script, and in no small part to his costume. The slow moments were still very interesting and important, and the action scenes were intense and gory. The first battle between the 2 main gangs was pretty impressive to watch, although a different choice of music could have been a good idea, just wasn't fitting. And the last battle was also well done and violent, and when Amsterdam kills the Butcher it is a bloody and strong scene for sure, a good way to end the film. Overall very well done, strong acting and amazing characters is the star here, and the setting and topic is also otherwise unheard of and very cool to see.

David L (mx) wrote: Mission: Impossible does have some memorable action and excellent score, but everything else is flat with boring characters, convoluted and unimpressive plot and many ridiculous and tired scenes leading to a very weak first entry in the franchise.

Buran K (nl) wrote: how can i download it ?

Tim D (fr) wrote: If you wanna see a movie where Santa Claus tries to overcome the Devil from tempting children into doing bad things, and you don't care if the movie had a $20 budget, this is your movie. I'm kidding about the budget, but it wasn't far off. The Devil's plastic ears looked like they were gonna fall off the entire movie. If you wanna watch a good Christmas movie, try Santa's Slay. And I'm still not sure if the characters in the movie heard the narrator speaking or not. George of the Jungle did that right, not this.

Naische F (ru) wrote: The brilliant Nicolas Roeg has his first inconsistent picture after a string of consistent and breakthrough classics (Performance, Walkabout, The Man Who to Earth, Don't Look Now, Bad Timing and Eureka)! We get some famous historical personalities (of course due to legal proceedings, they look like them, but have completely different names). They all meet and talk in a hotel room where Albert Einstein meets Marilyn Monroe who was getting slapped around by Joe McCarthy but going out with Joe DiMaggio. It was certainly strange with Tony Curtis playing Senator Joe and abusing Marilyn Monroe played by the very strange and sexy Theresa Russell (guess this time he was not wearing the ladies' outfits and being funny in a black and white picture). Gary Busey was also amusing as old baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, going on about how when Monroe shows up at the ball park during practice, it distracts the other players. Even Monroe gets to show that she had some brains by explaining the theory of relativity in very simple terms to Einstein. Too bad not much of a brain was needed to appreciate what many fans consider to be Roeg's last acceptable piece of work..

Allen D (ru) wrote: Silly, derivative and routine British horror presented ina rather bleached and damaged print. Dr Who's Yeti scribes Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln script a tale of witchcraft in an old country house where our hero Mark Eden goes looking for his lost brother. Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff and Michael Gough go through their paces and that always creates a modicum of pleasure so this is very watchable while not exactly being of merit.

Justin A (fr) wrote: This is one of those films that is so bad and yet so fun to watch! If you can get a group of friends together then this is one of those movies that should be seen in a block with other bad movies. An absolute recommend in that regard.

Mark D (es) wrote: I don't think it is possible for a movie to be as stupid and boring as this one. I would rather watch paint dry!

Eduardo C (it) wrote: Lovable Kurosawa film is a profound glimpse into postwar Japan. A nearly penniless couple meet up every Sunday for their weekly date. Both would be homeless if not for friends and family. He's a war veteran, having fought in the great war against the Americans, who gets no respect for that. Even his own former comrades in arms avoid him. It's clear he's got PTSD and is severely depressed. So why is this film lovable. It's because his woman has a sunny disposition despite being so poor her shoes are completely worn out. This is a "day in the life" snapshot. Part of their date consists of going to the zoo, but events come to a sort of terrible climax when they attempt to go to a concert also. In between they meet up with a homeless kid who looks about 10, but behaves like he's 50. He has to just to survive. They refuse to accept money from him even though it is money they will badly need later that day. How you react to the title of this film determines who you are as a person. If you believe it is sarcasm you are definitely a cynical person. If you believe Kurosawa is serious then you are an optimist. The ending is legendary because basically we (the audience) is asked to interact with the main characters. To Kurosawa's great glee and delight the audience in Paris interacted with the film. Japanese audiences however, basically never did. It hit too close to the gut I suppose.

Evan M (es) wrote: Great cast, bad execution. This is a film that doesn't know what it wants to be and therefore feels disjointed throughout. Flashes of brilliance with nowhere to go.

Alec L (mx) wrote: Honestly the only post-Gilmore sandler film I can watch, and I actually enjoy it!

Antnio J (nl) wrote: This is a C Movie or something like a trash movie. Seriously, not even close to the game history.

ray r (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Wasnt expecting much but its very entertaining altho fairly strange, didnt take itself too seriously and the acting / cast is good.

Troy K (jp) wrote: Interesting documentary, but I wanted more about the outrageous scheduling and logistics of all the races. Also, it kind rushes to the end and even skips races they are showing so it is a very lackluster ending.

Li K (jp) wrote: If you haven't seen this you really ought to get on it. Heaven, I'm looking at you yungin, you've had a tendency to miss the classics and I dunno if Isaac made you do this one yet.