After the passing of Ramswaroop Lal, his two sons, Jeevandas and Shankar take over the control of their farmland. Jeevandas marries Bhagvanti and has no children, while Shankar marries ...

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1965
  • Language:Hindi
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After the passing of Ramswaroop Lal, his two sons, Jeevandas and Shankar take over the control of their farmland. Jeevandas marries Bhagvanti and has no children, while Shankar marries ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (jp) wrote: Just another pleasant chick flick which kills a couple of hours with its predictable, uninspiring love story. This time, a girl is on the run from what looks like a murder she has just committed, pursued by a hot-shot detective. Having changed her image, name, and location, she then sets about establishing a new life in a desolate coastal resort, where she meets Alex. Alex has recently lost his wife to cancer, and is raising their two kids on his own whilst running the local convenience store. You know what's coming next ....... the two fall in love, until her past catches up with her and its that dramatic conclusion of will they live happily ever after? Of course they will, we all know that, but i admit there were a few clever twists and turns in the final scenes which made for a more credible few moments than i had expected. The titles spells it out really, this film is a safe haven for entertainment. You get what you expect and nothing more. Girls will love it - They will become engrossed and they will no doubt blub a little at the end, even though they too also know it's going to have a positive outcome (they just won't admit to it). It's well produced, well acted, nothing obviously wrong with it, but will clearly appeal to a certain target market, and will no doubt be the type of film many guys may be subjected to on Valentine's Day.

Marc L (br) wrote: A la base, un epiphenomene de l'histoire du fascisme italien : l'histoire d'Ida Dalser, maitresse et mere du premier fils de Mussolini, que ce dernier abandonnera et s'efforcera d'effacer de l'hagiographie officielle une fois le pouvoir recueilli. Pour autant, le contexte historique ne sert que de toile de fond a "Vincere" et denoncer les derives de la Grande histoire au moyen du tragique de la Petite n'interesse pas vraiment Marco Bellochio. Ouvertement allegorique - certains auront tot fait de rattacher l'insistance du realisateur a souligner le pouvoir de l'image a un autre phenomene politique italien plus contemporain ! -"Vincere" est moins un film sur la montee du fascisme ou la quete de pouvoir que sur la notion parfois tres relative de la "verite", a travers le combat d'une femme pour faire eclater cette derniere, un combat perdu d'avance puisqu'il s'oppose a une nation prise toute entiere d'ivresse collective. Par ailleurs, la figure du Duce, incarne par l'etonnant Fillipo Timi, s'estompe rapidement pour laisser la place a la figure burlesque du veritable dictateur des actualites d'epoque, et resurgit sous les traits du fils rendu fou pour l'absence du pere, reduit a singer grotesquement cette lointaine figure mediatique. Ce tourbillon de folie et de solitude, Bellochio le magnifie par sa mise en scene baroque et flamboyante. Brillant.

Ryan M (mx) wrote: Not the best dancing flick in the market. Some cute moments with Amy Smart, but the acting was horrible. Zero chemistry, the lead male couldn't act to save his life, and the relationship between Rachel Dratch and Leila Arcieri's characters seemed to have been thrown in there for the "gay" quotient. Bad bad bad... regardless of that review, I enjoyed this stupid movie.

rip e (es) wrote: British director Julian Richards teams up with his Last Horror Movie cohort actor Kevin Howarth for another go at the reality-thriller-horror genre with Summer Scars. This time however, 'based on a true story' quite effectively replaces the tissue-paper thin conceit from Last Horror, making for affecting, disturbing viewing of high order. A group of disaffected British youths (including the token girl) have naught to do but nick motor scooters and play in the woods. They're toughs the likes of which boys who identify with Michael Cera might rather be (except Cera keeps getting the girl, so what do I know?) These dudes seem content with bluster and bullying, egged on by tomboy Leanne, (perfectly played by Amy Harvey) until a brash joyride on the stolen scooter accidentally bags 'em a weird transient. The bum, Peter (Howarth) catches up with the panicked kids, complains of a few broken ribs, and begins luring them into a weird web wherein only bad things can happen. Quickly gaining their sympathy, he asks them to help him look for his dog Jesus, and you know that soon enough pretty much everybody's going to start acting like they know not what they're doing. But will there be enough forgiveness to go around? This gripping coming-of-age drama, at little more than an hour feels like a modernized '70s grindhouse horror movie - rife with the possibility of graphic cruelty and horrific dehumanization. That such potential atrocities remain mostly just possibilities is a bit of a blessing, as levels of emotional and psychological cruelty are high enough. Still, this circumspect look at wayward British youth - a smart after-school special for the 21st century - feels like Mike Leigh's take on Stand By Me, harsh but sympathetic. Though the kids are more than willing to pummel each other (or anyone else) over the slightest affront, they're full of humanity and poised on a precipice, looking down on a life full of emotionally cut-off anger from a perch where hurt feelings still register instantly on the face. Throughout, weird, inexplicable layers make for a constantly shifting, engrossing experience. Off his nut hobo Peter's lapses between gleeful, youthful idiocy and violent games prove his instability. But his Svengali-like ability to sort these kids out and play them against themselves and each other (plus Howarth's very natural, yet totally unhinged performance) breaks spirits with chilling plausibility. Ciaran Joyce, Amy Harvey, Jonathan Jones, Darren Evans, Christopher Conway and Ryan Conway (the kids) each in turn dig deep, never seeming like the inexperienced actors some of them are - you believe they just walked off the street and into this movie. Quick, beautiful moments render them real and innocent, making their plight that much more affecting than if they were just cartoons of youth violence. A cell phone call at a bad moment forces two (brothers) to place their dinner order with mum, the way it plays out is both sunny and filled with casual fraternal cruelty - the last already-withered rays of hope on a day when clouds move in to stay. ?Summer Scars' simple story takes youth heading down the wrong path, diverting them onto a path that's even worse. Easy, unforced performances all around make the psychologically awful things that happen to the kids deeply troubling, yet truly gripping viewing. Lean, mean, disturbing and deftly crafted, Summer Scars is definitely recommended. (And stick through the end credits if you want the full picture).

Donielle A (fr) wrote: I feel like you have to see the ending of this movie a few times before you really understand it.

Asadullah Q (ru) wrote: I thought this was one of those Schindler's List sort of affairs so I was waiting for a grand conclusion the whole time. Needless to say, the conclusion never came.

Joe A (kr) wrote: French horror The Pack ("La Meute") proves that even in France, picking up a hitchhiker in a rural area can only lead to trouble. And young, pretty Charlotte (milie Dequenne of Brotherhood of the Wolf) finds herself in deep trouble when she does exactly that and soon finds herself a prisoner of a strange backwoods woman and her son. And what they have in store for her is beyond her wildest nightmares. The Pack is a gruesome, disturbing and sometimes very effective little horror. It also has some huge plot holes and relies on a lot of convenience and bizarre character decisions to move it's plot along. If you can forgive or overlook it's faults, this can be an entertaining flick with a cool visual style, some gore and effectively creepy title creatures. If not, The Pack will probably leave you scratching your head alot especially at the end. I kinda liked it, so, I recommend it's worth a look but, with moderate expectations.

James H (ag) wrote: Well meaning nature film, but the incredibly meager budget for the movie badly hurts the overall effect of the film. Dan Haggerty is sincere in the title role, but his acting is stiff and wooden. Mildly entertaining. The score is quite annoying.