Khara Khota

Khara Khota


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Khara Khota 1981 full movies, Khara Khota torrents movie

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Khara Khota torrent reviews

Mili M (es) wrote: So much potential ... Could've been great... Ended up eh

Jay S (us) wrote: Well, that was a waste of time

Rocio D (nl) wrote: you are rong Mulan 2 is amazing

Wes S (br) wrote: Very boring and uninteresting. The dinosaurs aren't there very much, and when they are there, they are incredibly unrealistic and choppy looking. There is some decent gore, but the story doesn't make much sense and the characters are horrible, but there are still some fun cheesy moments.

Gav R (ca) wrote: funny, brilliant in every way

Private U (de) wrote: Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan rock in this movie....more than them, the music is a big hit...Sanjay Dutt does good acting as a poet and Salman Khan does a very good role of a modern "aashiq awara"

Rim P (jp) wrote: In my opinion, Trancers II is the best of all the Trancers sequels produced by Full Moon Entertainment. The original is a cult classic. Its sequels could be considered mini-classics, although they're nowhere as good. I like that with part 2, Full Moon decided to bring back most of the cast from the original, including Lena, Ashby, Old McNulty, McNulty, Commander Ruthie and even the main villain (Wardo) was assosiated with Whistler from Trancers I. The best thing about Trancers II is Jack's two hot wives. The chemistry between the characters is interesting, as the future cop is caught up in the chaos following his late wife's unexpected return. Quite campy dialogue and a wafer thin plot hamper it down quite a bit, but Full Moon have never been able to rebound any more with fine sequels or great movies in general. So yeah, enjoy Trancers II for what it is - an underrated sci-fi classic.

peter h (fr) wrote: Oh dear, what were they thinking with this, the acting was a bit bad and not one I shall be watching again.

April M (jp) wrote: funny funny funny funny ladies

Carl M (jp) wrote: Deep beneath the ocean, a silver mining crew discovers a sunken Soviet ship whose crew died under mysterious circumstances. A review of their ship's data reveals that the Soviets were working on a deadly new biological weapon, and one that has begun to infect everyone on board! Of the many films to follow in ALIEN's footprint, LEVIATHAN comes closest to replicating the same level of fear and paranoia... At least in the first act. The film features an impressive cast led by Peter Weller and Richard Crenna, and also includes incredible production designs for both the interior and exterior sets of the underwater mining facility. It is most unfortunate that things quickly begin to fall apart in the over-indulgent ending, where the lackluster creature effects and laughable surprises drag an otherwise enjoyable film back into the depths. Regardless, LEVIATHAN comes as a welcomed addition to other Science Fiction horrors like THE THING, DEEPSTAR SIX, and the ALIEN series.

William F (mx) wrote: Great film that spoofs the 1960s beach movies.

Private U (ag) wrote: pour l'originalit l'poque, le jeu des acteurs, la verve de l'auteur, et le ct un peu glauque ! ;-)

Scott R (ca) wrote: Not very uplifting despite the good acting.

Karen P (jp) wrote: Absolutely hysterical!!! If you love old 50's Sci-Fi Movies, this one is great!!! The music is great, the people are so ridiculously naive about everything going on around them. If you want a good laugh, this is it!!!

Mi B W (kr) wrote: Given the cinema technology of the time, this movie comes off as quite scary!