Raised in an atmosphere of hate, violence, and crime, Suraj alias Sunny is a cold-blooded killer, who mercilessly kills his victims for the right amount, usually following the instructions ...

Raised in an atmosphere of hate, violence, and crime, Suraj alias Sunny is a cold-blooded killer, who mercilessly kills his victims for the right amount, usually following the instructions ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Khatarnaak torrent reviews

Tiffany F (ag) wrote: Why was such a good cast inerested in this? This is a movie that you only once or twice or get bootlegged. It was a good try though. The story is not a total waste and the cast did a good job of acting. Average job done

Andy C (jp) wrote: Fairly awful TV movie level stuff - if you miss the likes of the Hercules TV show you'll get something out of this.

Corpse M (ag) wrote: pretty good for low budget. not really origonal at all but the story is good enough to be told more than once.

Catherine B (it) wrote: It had it's moments. Sad parts, the circle of life, yadda yadda.

Janis M (br) wrote: Smseg story om en kvinnlig domare som ger sig p toppgubbarna i ett stort fretag. Inget originellt i det upplgget precis.

Ben V (gb) wrote: Decent movie. Loses half a star because the Rock didn't do the People's Elbow on some Jabroni

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jacob A (de) wrote: This is a guilty pleasure of mine. Cast picks were terrible, the choices made making this film weren't great, the plot was Horrendous and the mood this film had was juvenile. But where it gets me is with the interesting chnages and questions the movie asks about the mythology of vampires and the Monster Dracula himself. It also did good for me when it made the vampires were fuming with sexual appeal but in a split second can become complete monsters, a common trait seen in gothic, erotic literature when vampires begun to appear. But that being said, that still didn't save the film from sinking down under.

Hunter H (es) wrote: Overall it was a pretty good movie. The plot is interesting, and delivers a good amount of action. Wasn't perfect, but definitely worth my time.

Russ B (au) wrote: 3/6/2017: I actually liked this one better than the original. Many quotable lines!

Brian B (br) wrote: If I hadn't just read the novel Texasville than I would have had no idea what I just watched. The sequel to The Last Picture Show is no where near the film that that is, and is no where near as good as the novel in which it is based off of. It barely goes into any of the charactors, especially Duane's family which really explains everything in why Duane is the way he is. Jacy and Karla flow through all these wild emotions without even the slightest of explanation, and you never really find out much about the kids at all. The only way anyone should watch this movie is if you've read the book, and even then it's barely worth while. Overall 1.5/4 Stars Grade = C-

Nate W (nl) wrote: carradine is the fastest gun in the distant future of 1991. pretty silly, but gets the job done

Lui F (mx) wrote: too pretentious, too silly and sometimes with a bad taste. a nice try, but all you can see (and listen) is some mind out of control.

Christopher S (jp) wrote: Entertaining psycho-thriller from director William Castle is probably best remembered for its genuinely shocking twist ending. Clearly an attempt to cash in on 'Psycho', it's not one of Castle's best - but there's a great over-the-top performance by Joan Marshall, and some memorable moments including one of Castle's patented cheesy gimmicks. A lot of fun for B-movie fans.

Greg W (jp) wrote: great farce about witches and revenge

janice c (gb) wrote: I really wanted to see this movie

Juan M (ag) wrote: I had to watch it just to see Mr Campbell. What a man has to do for a few bucks...

Alan P (gb) wrote: The last good "Star Trek" movie before the reboots. This flick takes on as almost a zombie apocalypse thriller with the borg, and creates an adequate thriller.