Khichdi: The Movie

Khichdi: The Movie

Khichdi: The Movie is a Hindi film directed by Aatish Kapadia, starring Supriya Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, and Anang Desai. The film is produced by JD Majethia and is the first film of Hats Off Production. Narrated through the two wise kids of the hilariously madcap Parekh family, namely Jacky and Chakki, Khichdi: The Movie is about a hare-brained dream of a snail-brained bunch of lovable losers. Hansa's brother Himanshu has borne a ridiculous ambition that is to have a memorable legendary love story

In order to immortalize his love, a groom decides to create conflict between his and his to-be bride's families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The20 N (kr) wrote: Acting: 7Screeenplay: 7Ending: 7Good duo of Kate Mara & Shia LaBeouf.The film certainly makes us think about the fragility of the inner and outer world.The war is cruel and meaningless and the soldiers on it are weak-willed pawns.

Christopher H (jp) wrote: What keeps "Frankie Go Boom" from going completely into the gutter is the young, brilliant cast. Charlie Hunnam recalls his days on "Undeclared" with this straight-faced comedic role, making his bad ass persona on "Sons of Anarchy" impress that much more. Chris O'Dowd is the driving force of comedy, as the misfit brother pushing the raunchy plot all the way through. Lizzy Caplan proves she's well on her way to bigger and better things, no longer just playing the quirky, tomboy friend, but expanding into a viable and adorable love interest that you root for. I am not entirely sure why Ron Perlman would step into the role of the transvestite, but he definitely holds nothing back. In line with films like "Orange County" and to extremes like "Freddy Got Fingered", "Frankie Go Boom" and its spark may not live on like those previously mentioned films, but it was rather enjoyable from start to finish.

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Graham M (gb) wrote: This is a powerful anti-war film that puts you right into the madness and destruction of human beings forced into uniforms and forced into hatred for those in opposing uniforms. This, I argue, and movies like this are better than the very well done Saving Private Ryan because it doesn't take sides. It's a story about what is ultimately mass murder under the cloak of the name "war."

Chucky (us) wrote: November 10th 2009June 9th 2012

Jos C (gb) wrote: Divertida, pero por debajo de la primera

Flo D (br) wrote: Gotta love the French as they can justify bad behavior and deceit as a basic function of our humanity, embrassing it and ignoring the painful bits. Lucky Pauline to have seen this in her teen years -- will save her a lot of problems later on!

Grant H (br) wrote: It was ok ,the message at the end of the movie was endearing

Bradley H (kr) wrote: This is quite possibly the saddest movie ever made. Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi are heartbreaking as an elderly couple forced to separate after 50 years when the bank takes their home. If the final scenes do not make a person cry, that person does not have a heart.

Waleed A (jp) wrote: good basic movie. suspenseful and enjoyable (2 viewings)

Melissa B (us) wrote: Hey! I LOVE this movie ! so if you dont like it just take off ya hoser :P

Deven W (de) wrote: One of my favorite movies and musicals