A group of friends who bet each other for fun, soon find themselves implicated when one of them is murdered during a bet. They race against time to prove their innocence and find the real killer before the police find them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:local blockbuster,  

Two friends wage bets for money and fun. There comes a time where they race to win the biggest bet, for they know that their lives depend on it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (ca) wrote: A very odd ball film set up in future. No it is not a science fiction but human drama which tries to tell no matter how much we become scientific our basic mental insecurities still will remain. A movie which can be easily missed.

Damian O (ag) wrote: One of the most disturbing things I have seen in a reality film. Anyone with any emotional intelligence can see that Tom genuinely does not like his sister and can probably tell that she is using him for the specific means of making a film.It is obvious at the beginning of the film that they both moved to London years ago to pursue careers and hardly ever go to see him and frankly could not give much of a damn about him. Now all of a sudden they come up with an idea to make a film and decide to use him and his disability to make it."Heart warming" "Beautiful" are the views of some extremely gullible people as that's what this pair of "Heartless" " ********" wanted everyone to think was happening.This is my first ever review of anything. I actually watched it about 3 months ago and still feel this strongly about this disgusting film.

Calvin R (ca) wrote: We Are The Night is formulaic, but this by far is one of the better Vampire films that has come out. It reminded me like Lost Boys.Although its in German but thanks to the English subtitle, I was able to understand what they were saying, and made it easier to appreciate the dialogue, and I thought it was done great.Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich, Anna Fisher, and Max Riemelt (who is hot by the way) all did a outstanding job in their performance.Overall We Are The Night is stylish, slick, great direction, good camera work, and leave it to the Europeans to do a good stylish slick Vampire flick. Great job to Director Dennis Gansel.

Ryan S (ru) wrote: 4.5/5. A more violent version of E.T., this movie is still a lot of fun and has some really great performances.

Brendan A (it) wrote: This was slightly better than I expected it to be. The story of Henry Lee Lucas has been told before in John McNaughton's "Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer" (which NZs censors butchered- its sequel is banned outright in NZ. Tossers.). This is nowhere near as effective or disturbing, it's passable. Antonio Sabato gives a good performance (rare for him- usually I avoid movies with him like the plague) as Lucas, Kosta Summer is also terrifying as his depraved friend Ottis Toole; the pair discover they have a shared prediliction for sadism, and murder and with 14 year old Becky Knopff in tow they embark on a cross country spree of murder, torture, rape and necrophilia. The film also delves into Henry's childhood at the hands of a cruel, overbearing prostitute mother (who made Lucas wear a dress to school) and sadist father, his first murder as a teen of his first girlfriend, and adds another angle by having Lucas tell his story to the local sheriff. If like myself you're a true crime buff and are just interested in abnormal psychology and want to try to understand why people like Lucas and Toole behave as they did you'll find this interesting enough.

Grant K (it) wrote: One of the most ambitious narratives in film in Innaritu's profound masterpiece.

Julio S (au) wrote: The positive is that the vampires are scary...that's it.

Elia G (au) wrote: It's a ridiculous comedy, but sometimes, is that not perfect? The quirkyness of both characters somehow works well together.

Connor G (gb) wrote: I can't believe I'd missed this one. This is a delightful, charming musical that tends to just get overlooked.

Rick R (kr) wrote: After the Thin Man (1936)This is the sequel/continuation to the original Thin Man (1934). Of course the actual thin man in the first movie was the victim, but Hollywood needed the name recognition for this series. If you liked the Thin Man, you'll love this one too. An interesting side note is that Nick (William Powell) and Nora Charles (Myrna Loy) leave New York in the Jazz age and arrive home in San Francisco at the beginning of the Big Band Era, making for a very slow train ride, indeed. :-)When they arrive, Nora is called to come over to Aunt Katherine's (Jessie Ralph) mansion to take care of emotionally distraught Selma (Elissa Landi) and she should bring Nick-o-lass along too. Nick is not wild about being with the stuffy Nob Hill crowd on New Year's Eve, but tags along anyway for comic relief.Selma's carousing husband, Robert (staring MGM's Errol Flynn-look-alike, Alan Marshal) has been hanging around a night club singer, Polly (Penny Singleton). Robert has been threatening to leave Selma (given the right price). This is something that Selma's old boyfriend, David (James Stewart) is very happy to hear about.Unfortunately, Robert is murdered outside of the house, and Selma is considered a prime suspect. Of course, you know that Nora is going to get reluctant Nicky to investigate this whole thing. Nick and Nora find that there's a lot of other stuff going on behind the scenes and more suspicious characters than you can shake a stick at. Naturally, the only thing to do is for Nick to gather all of the suspects into one room and grill them until one of them snaps.

Aman A (de) wrote: Woody Allen, oh, Woody Allen. He plays the same (or similar) character every time (yes they might have different professions or upbringings, but they are all smart, talkative, and hyperactive) but the movie and he is so good. This movie did not have all the usual humour but it had something much more, heart. It had a lot of heart and a lot of power. Very down to earth, fast moving and ends with a heartfelt flourish. This movie deserves all five stars and Woody, take another bow for the umpteenth time.

Nathan C (ca) wrote: I don't know why it's called grown ups, It should be called Adam Sandler Kevin James Chris Rock David Spade and Rob Schneider's Behaviour. I hate this film because Adam Sandler can't act, Kevin James is getting worse, Chris Rock isn't really funny, Even Robin Williams is funnier than this, Even a kid who talks about farting is funnier than them two. They're That Bad! This is not the worst comedy ever but it was insanely stupid. It's Funny but again, Comedies have bad stories, You might wanna skip it.Score: 3/10

JuanKa P (ru) wrote: Dos grandes amigos, Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) y Dave (Jason Bateman) no tienen nada en comn, excepto su amistad. Mientras Dave es un abogado con un trabajo muy serio que lo consume y hombre de familia, Mitch se ha mantenido soltero, sub-empleado y disfruta de la vida. Luego de una borrachera, ante una fuente 'mgica' ambos pedirn un deseo que cambiar la vida de ambos en la del otro

Daniel M (it) wrote: Toy Story is the most innovative animated film during its time at the 90s. And it also became one of the greatest animated films of all time. This is a reason why Pixar truly entered the animation industry. All thanks to its well-written story, a perfect chemistry and bond between Woody and Buzz Lightyear, great animation especially by 1990s standards, catchy songs by Randy Newman and unforgettable characters. Everybody should go and see it no matter what. It's an unforgettable toy coming-to-life experience. 5 out of 5 stars.