Khiladi 786

Khiladi 786

The 8th installment in the Khiladi series.

Born to an owner of a marriage bureau Champak Lal, Mansukh has been a complete failure ever since he has grown up and tried to help his father in their family business... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Khiladi 786 torrent reviews

Dani P (de) wrote: Great drama with the perfect amount of humor. Canet's shows us that he can write and direct comedies in the future based on the few but hilarious scenes of Little White Lies. The cast also gathers one of the best french actors that we have nowadays and they manage to build an intense and powerful connection between their characters on screen. The only problem with the movie is the length. It takes too long to finally begin and too long to finish. But it's a nice story to follow so you won't be that bored.

Mike M (it) wrote: There's a certain rapt fascination to be taken from observing these technicians at work, and classical buffs will doubtless respond to the performed pieces, especially given Knupfer's commitment to providing clarity of sound. Yet "Pianomania" suffers for having emerged after Frederick Wiseman's "La Danse", which - though set in a different form of institution - was better able to suggest a context for its subjects' work, and why each slight corrective mattered. Knupfer's labours are not immediately dramatic - a crisis involving narrow hammerheads is as heated as it gets - and prove just as often frustrating as diverting, all those onscreen hearing (and themselves struggling to describe) barely perceptible subtleties and variations a 93-minute film can't even begin to train our unschooled ears in.

Elisa T (es) wrote: Juste pour les fans de Gad

Dwight Angelo D (ag) wrote: Despite its predictability, one can't help but engage himself into the film. In the end, such realization stands out --- what matters is neither winning nor losing, but how someone got there.

Gavin S (de) wrote: Donald Sutherland is always great, Pacey wasn't horrible, and Juliette Lewis wasn't idiotic. That being said, not a bad movie. The whole taking responsibility for yourself and the "A-Bomb" as they call Alzheimer's are the main topics.

Timothy B (ag) wrote: quirky fun movie, with good clean humour and of course James Stewart and the bewitching Kim Novak

Christopher B (gb) wrote: Very well done for an under the radar film. Kevin Bacon is great in these type of roles.

guillaume b (mx) wrote: ce film est le meilleur batman (mieux que celui de 89) grace a heath ledger

Jason W (kr) wrote: An ABC After School Special type of film starring then largely unknown actor Jean Claude van Damme. Some funky fight scenes.