Ravi gets a call from Father Anthony saying that his missing wife is with him in the Church.But when he meets her claims that she is not his wife.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   gun,   conspiracy,  

Ravi gets a call from Father Anthony saying that his missing wife is with him in the Church.But when he meets her claims that she is not his wife. Inspector Balbir finds all the proofs are against Ravi but why is Ravi not ready to face it? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lawrence B (kr) wrote: Entertaining survival suspense with Anthony Hopkins as a bookish billionaire guiding accompanies Alec Baldwin and Harold Perrineau through the wilds of Alaska - and the territory of a fearsome grizzly bear - after a fateful plane crash. Though silly and crass in parts, it's an absorbing enough adventure; hit-and-miss as a whole but unquestionably superbly staged by Tamahori with some breathtaking help from Bart the Bear.

Jessica L (kr) wrote: Worth watching--it is criminal to know better and not do better by our kids.. Thought provoking. Who are teachers unions serving?

Ethan P (es) wrote: Bathed in a dusty, smoky atmosphere of browns and greys, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a sharp film with solid characters and the final act is dynamite, but there are many times where the movie sags in the middle and all the spy jargon and riddles are often confusing, making it easy to lose track of where the movie is going.

Garwin S (us) wrote: My liking for Christmas With Holly was tempered by watching this bit of glossy packaged beautiful people garbage

Tim S (nl) wrote: Director Neil Marshall hit the scene in 2002 with the darkly comic but ferocious werewolf movie Dog Soldiers. Since then, he has gone on to director other cult horror films, as well as award-winning episodes of Game of Thrones. With the latter being what is currently the most popular TV show in the world aside from The Walking Dead, it seems appropriate that Dog Soldiers should get a bit of a resurgence, especially in the U.S. where it never really got a proper theatrical release. Despite the film taking place in Scotland, it was actually shot on location in Luxembourg, down and dirty with little to no CGI editions later during post production. And while it contains many direct references to all things horror and sci-fi related, it manages to forge its own place in the annals of horror history as a return to the brutal and edgy movies of the past with practical effects and more interesting characters. The action-oriented moments are often quite frenetic and perhaps just a little over-the-top at times, while the gore is unapologetically up front and in full form. And while it's mostly a dark horror comedy, it plays it completely straight for most of its running time. It may be a bit on the predictable side, but the overall product is quite entertaining.

Green P (us) wrote: "The Barber" is a tale of a small Alaskan town that discovers a serial killer on the loose as they are stocking up and settling themselves in for a hard winter. The story is told through the eyes of the local barber - who knows everyone, and hears each of their stories and opinions as he cuts their hair. As suspicion falls from one person to the next in the close-knit community, the FBI arrives. The film becomes a tale about the individuals in the community; gradually revealing their stories and their secrets, from the inexperienced and often incompetent local Sheriff's Department to lonely members of the community indulging in unexpected relationships with their trusted neighbours. And it's because of that community trust that innocent girls are beginning to fall prey to a bigger threat than winter, or the S.A.D disorder that afflicts the towns inhabitants because of it. There are a couple of nice edges to this film, one being the genuine sense of claustrophobia, as if the viewers too are hemmed into a town in the far north, surrounded by a 24 hour darkness and cut off by heavy snows. Another is McDowell's portrayal as the local barber, the town's agony-uncle and diplomat, though one who occasionally slips up and shows his off-kilter side. I got this film very cheaply on Amazon and because of that, didn't expect too much from it; but it was a nice surprise and a worthwhile purchase. Seasonal, too ...

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Lefteris Z (nl) wrote: Fot the Maggie Smith-Michael Caine part.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Corny, derivative, but still watchable if you like rom-com.

Frank C (au) wrote: it was okay, nor as good as previous entries in the series. I do like the continued story of Batman vs Robin ...still check it out