Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) a con-man and petty thief, gets in the bad books of Jogia Seth (Paresh Rawal) and ends up owing him money, which he does not have. In order to get money, Sanju decides to pose as a member of the Shastri family, so that he can gain their confidence and help himself to their wealth. But fate has something else in store for Sanju.

Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) a con-man and petty thief, gets in the bad books of Jogia Seth (Paresh Rawal) and ends up owing him money, which he does not have. In order to get money, Sanju decides ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (br) wrote: While some of the fighting is stellar the movie just feels too power rangerish and thus make me giggle.

Matt R (gb) wrote: William Malone struck some seriously awesome chords with his "Masters Of Horror" episode "The Fair-Haired Child". It was slick and modern in all the good ways. So when his latest feature film, his first in a long time, hit DVD it was worth looking into. "Parasomnia", written, directed, and financed by Malone himself, presents us with the same style that his "MoH" episode had (as with most of his newer films) and, despite its low budget, gives us a few intriguing ideas to play with.Daniel (Purcell) has floated through his life looking for something with meaning. While visiting his friend in a local drug-rehab wing of the hospital, he stumbles across two very unusual things. A beautiful young woman (Wilson) who suffers form 'parasomnia' that has kept her in a sleeping state for most of her life and a hooded serial killer named Volpe who supposedly possesses hypnotic abilities so strong he can make a person kill for him with just a stare or suggestion. When Dan becomes obsessed with his 'sleeping beauty' he kidnaps her from the hospital to prevent them from testing on her. What he discovers though is far more frightening then his new wanted status. This girl is somehow linked with Volpe through her dreams and this psycho has some very dark plans for her."Parasomnia" is one of those films that I desperately wanted to love. It's quirky. It's original. It has so many great ideas built into its plot. This film has a great sub-plotted romance story (as awkward as it is since she's a kidnap victim and all) to balance its oddities. It also has a dark humor that Malone really utilizes nicely. His directing is nightmarish, as always, and really focuses on the dark tones of color and odd angels for his shots. It works most of the time for this movie. In these aspects, "Parasomnia" is an indie horror cult classic in the making.On its down side, the budget hurts this film immensely. One can tell from its rather hit or miss casting (the hero Dan is a miss but having Jeffrey Combs as a sarcastic cop was brilliance) and its rather limited special effects that Malone was battling money issues the entire time. In a way, this film has a special charm to its low budget quality that many fans will love, but it does hinder the presentation of the film overall."Parasomnia" is a great find for those willing to look for it and it works with what it has well. Malone can be a little overwhelming with his quirky style at times and it throws the balance of the film off a bit, the the film's originality and charm work overtime to overcome these flaws. Not a great film, it still needed a bit more work, but a surprising little indie release that earns quite a bit of credit where its needed.BONUS RANT: (Spoiler) From the odd dreams that are experienced by Dan and the films ending, are we to assume that they two star crossed lovers met as children and it was this meeting that inspired him to do what he did? The story never really clarified this aspect of its unraveling and it continued to bother me well after it was finished. Was it a dream or was it a memory?

Patrick F (jp) wrote: Great movie. It wasn't as moving as films like Hotel Rwanda, but it was still disturbing, and there are some key moments, like when Julia shouts "We're Human Beings!" That was probably one of the most important parts of the movie. I'd recommend it, but the ending wasn't absolutely perfect. Whatever, it was good.

Doc B (br) wrote: theres a shed load of things to look out 4 in this film: the lead actor sounds like he's got a peg on his nose and wears a 'HEVEN' tee shirt. while 'jammer' is being threatened a goon bends a screwdriver !!! jammer shows his fear by not moveing his face ... and then, not 2 minutes later, he is paraleticly drunk stumbling down the stairs.?? watch out 4 the 'THIS IS MY 15 MINUTES, HERE I GO..' fella spinning around in the background after Blair says to Bobby 'can we talk' [or she says something like that] and Bobby says ' ive just gotta do something' gets up, jumps around in the air and sits back down] ... WHEN GOONES GET OUT OF THEIR MOTOR [ THEY ARE PACKING HEAT BY THE WAY] ...A GOON EVEN BECKONS THE ROLLER SKATERS AS HE WALKS TOWARDS THEM. then a lone skaters shouts ... "GET THE DUDES WITH THE FRUIT!"... and the goons run away? [ out 4 the MELLON hitting the door of the car lol . theres a fucking great 'THUD' as it explodes] theres loads more, but im 2 lazy to write any more.

Alexandre S (jp) wrote: vu cet aprs-midi de vendredi 11 juin 2010 la tl sur Arte vers 15h !

Blake P (mx) wrote: "Gunga Din" is one of the best action flicks I've seen in classic cinema. When I think of Cary Grant, I usually think of comedy or romantic dramas, and seeing him in an un-groomed role in an ACTION movie is seriously a nice change. 1939 has been called the best year in movies, mainly because it was the year that "The Wizard of Oz" and "Gone with the Wind" came out. Once in a while, "Gunga Din" makes it to that list, and though I don't really think it is in the league as the other ones out there, I still think it's a good watch. This one gives a terrific mix of comedy, war, and action/adventure, and when it's all smashed into one, it's kind of a treat. While it seems most of the laughs come from Grant, the fun stuff doesn't last too long. When we meet the horrendous guru character, that's when things get ugly. Director George Stevens is very versatile, and proves why he's so renowned today. The message here is bright and clear, and even with some Hollwyood stereotyping and Indians talking in perfect American accents, you can say he tries the best he can to make it as serious as possible. While some the plot lines are pretty cheesy (Gunga Din and the guru are obviously caucasian), the action scenes are probably the best part of this film. The beginning of this movie is super exciting, and could hold up today. There's not a chance of lighting it up, because relentless shooting and bombings take place for almost fifteen minutes, which I think for just a crowd-pleasing movie is pretty impressive. And with all of the good performances by the stellar cast, "Gunga Din" is a winner.

Stan D (ca) wrote: Gary Cooper is happy in his small town, until he inherits millions from a relative he hardly knew. Directed by Frank Capra, with the great Jean Arthur. Inspirational and memorable.

Charles P (it) wrote: Idle Hands displays a demented comedic energy and an infectious enthusiasm; it channels other teenage horror films like a jukebox playing your favorite hits.

Ashley H (gb) wrote: Barry Lyndon is a decent film. It is about an Irish rogue wins the heart of a rich widow and assumes her dead husband's aristocratic position in 18th-century England. Ryan O'Neal and Marisa Bereson give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Stanley Kubrick did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the adventure and drama.