Khoon Ka Badla Khoon

Khoon Ka Badla Khoon


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Khoon Ka Badla Khoon torrent reviews

Paris T (ru) wrote: ??????? ?????????? ????????????? ?????www

Simon M (au) wrote: A beautiful humorous coming-of-age movie.

Freddie F (es) wrote: Souls trapped in digital. The deconstruction of reality via the video camera. And the real kicker is that Jean-Luc does away with the subtitles, leading to the scratching of heads everywhere. Outrageous fits of anger abound. Hmm, might I suggest that when you said you wanted films that were "original", "unique" and "challenging", what you really wanted was the same old, same old?But that's not why the film is great. Its visually evocative, aurally fascinating and conceptually bold and brave. It has a wicked sense of humour. It truly does deconstruct reality. Our lives are all trapped in a digital dreamworld, and its terrifying. And no one can understand the implications.When Godard cuts the narrative, the throughline if you will, the lifeline if you will, the audience sinks and drowns. Good old Jean-Luc might propose that we've already sunk. We were sunk before we even hit the water.

Jim R (jp) wrote: Many of us here in America are at least casually aware of who Kim Jong-il is. We may have heard that the leader of North Korea hates America, we may have been told his country belongs to a modern day Axis of Evil, we may have seen him lampooned in Team America World Police, we may have come to believe that the tyrant is bat shit-crazy. Chances are though, because of North Korea's self-induced seclusion from the rest of the world, most of us probably have little idea just how tyrannical Kim Jong-il really is and just how adversely North Koreans have been effected under his reign. In steps N.C. Heikin with her documentary Kimjongilia. Interviewing multiple North Korean refugees who have fled the country to escape unspeakable atrocities, Kimjongilia gives a voice to those who have previously been silenced by oppression. Finally given the freedom to speak, the tales the refugees have to tell are difficult to hear. Often shocking and difficult to comprehend, Kimjongilia is nevertheless an eye-opening examination of a nation and leader of whom we've been harmfully too ignorant to the detriment of thousands of innocent lives.The title of the film, Kimjongilia, comes from the name of a flower presented to the North Korean leader that, crazy as it may sound, symbolizes love, wisdom, justice, and peace. As outsiders here in the west, it's easy to condemn a man whose administration refuses to allow the media inside the country, maintains slave labor within concentration camps, executes deserters and critics of the country, and does it all while propaganda films and commercials convince North Korean citizens that their leader is a benevolent god in human form. As an audience, we can hear the stories about the man hung upside down and beaten for 14 hours and the woman who fled to China only to be sold as a sex slave by traffickers and think, "of course, whoever propagates this atmosphere is evil." The true horror about such tales though, is that North Koreans assume everything they're subjected to is business as usual. Refugees who escape to even the poorest sections of China or South Korea are shocked and amazed to see that everyone has food on the table every day, even if it's only something as meager as rice. If they stay in North Korea, they must abide by laws that command them to eat only twice a day in an effort to curb the agricultural and financial poverty caused after Kim Jong-il reportedly divvied up billions in NGO aid to the richest portion of the country. Despite this and the fact that thousands of people have been executed and imprisoned within concentration camps - yeah, the Nazi kind - there are still grandiose parades and celebrations performed by hundreds and thousands of Kim Jong-il supporters who believe it is their duty to support the "President for Life." For many of the terrorized citizens, fleeing to nearby countries such as China or South Korea may be their only hope of living without fear. Fleeing, however, is often times even more difficult and risky than staying put. Citizens who can't afford to bribe border guards risk death, imprisonment, and torture if they are caught trying to escape. Even if they cross the border and manage to avoid the traffickers willing to sell them back to North Korea or into sexual slavery, they still need to set up a new life from scratch in a foreign country with no money. If their treason is discovered, not only can the "perpetrator" be imprisoned, but so can their parents, their kids, and other family members. One interviewee was the only successful border crosser from a family of 10 children who tried while another had both of her sons executed for trying. Of course, once admitting these things to anyone, especially an American, they can never return to the country again. At least, not while Kim Jong-il is in power.However, "while Kim Jong-il is in power" is the imperative phrase there. Many of the refugees admit they would return to the country they love in a heart beat if the dictator was removed from power. Despite all they've suffered through, they realize the atrocities they've faced are associated with a man and not with a country. Through this, they show remarkable perspectives and though some of them breakdown in tears literally pleading for change, they also realize that because they have the opportunity to tell their stories, the hope of change exists.

Rob K (ca) wrote: Funny movie. It was the cast that got me to watch this film. I like both Zachary Levi and Kenan Thompson's work. I hope Zachary Levi will continue to play Chuck on NBC's CHUCK in the fall...If you are looking for a comedy, that kinda has no point but can make you laugh at certain parts, then this is one for you. If you have netfilx, well it is currently streaming.

Oussama H (gb) wrote: "Darna Mana Hai" or "Getting Scared is Forbidden" is such a unique and captivating horror experience! The story, the characters and the ending just can't be easily forgotten! Absolutely a must-see movie!

Sebastin G (us) wrote: Creo que todos queremos un amor de coincidencias. Gracias.

David T (us) wrote: Didn't read the comic book but plan to as I'm sure it's fun. I find it interesting that because of this adaptation, Dark Horse ended the comic's run. I don't know how close they stuck with the original material. I'm sure this was like every other comic adaptation at the time where the studios looked at the comics but didn't necessarily read them. Judging by the fans responses, I don't think they stuck to the comic. My opinion, I think this is a very cool looking movie but that's about it. I don't think Pam Anderson was casted right. I don't think she's a bad actress, she just needs the right material. I don't like remakes but I wouldn't mind seeing this remade. I think this would work better as a series than a film to be honest.

Greg W (us) wrote: one of the few sequels as good as the first pic

Matthew H (au) wrote: I'm an excellent driver! Best Cruise performance.

Weston H (fr) wrote: the directors cut:Holy Hell this movie is depressing! Unless you have a date, or are having a bad day, watch this NOW! Better than Taxi Driver.the edited version:yeah, this isnt really what you think of when you think Troma film (and i'm a HUGE Troma fan) but it certainly is poigniant. Buddy Giovinazzo shows a lot of tallent here, and its a shame he hasn't put out more stuff (although apparently he's in post production on a new film)

Shane P (mx) wrote: Definitely a hippie-era movie and, at times, a little long in the telling. But, beautiful in its quiet and its message. And you can't go wrong with a last minute Alec Guinness cameo.

Daniel T (kr) wrote: Samuel Fuller proves to be a true auteur of film with Shock Shock corridor. Jump cuts, transitioning between black and white and color, and a story that makes the audience feels as though they're going as crazy as the main character of his film. What great about this film is that Fuller makes every attempt to pull the audience into his mind. You can't watch this film without becoming a part of it, which is the way it should be.