Khoon Pasina

Khoon Pasina

Shiva / Tiger is the local criminal don in his part of the town where he lives with his mother. His mother wants him to marry and settle down, and give up his criminal activities. Shiva meets with Chanda and both are attracted to each other, and soon get married. Chanda is appalled at the way Shiva leads his life, with everyone around petrified of him. She asks Shiva to give up his criminal activities, and get a job. Shiva agrees, but the question is will he keep to his promise or will he just pretend to be honest in front of Chanda. And on the other hand is Shera, a dacait with a good heart. Both Shiva and Shera are rivals. When Shera hears of Shiva attempting to go straight, he decides to move in on Shiva's territory, with results that will change their lives forever. (Taken from Wikipedia - )

Ram alias Tiger is the local criminal don in his part of the town where he lives with his mother. His mother wants him to marry and settle down, and give up his criminal activities. Ram ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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