Kick Off

Kick Off

Inside a beat up stadium in Kirkuk, Iraq, live many refugees trying to escape Sadam Hussein's administration. One of the only sources of happiness for these people who live amid fear of poverty and bombings is soccer. Asu gathers together the Kurdish, Arabs and Turkish in order to hold a soccer match. Although they are of different races, they become close neighbors.

Inside a beat up stadium in Kirkuk, Iraq, live many refugees trying to escape Sadam Hussein's administration. Asu lives with his younger brother who has lost his legs from a landmine. Next ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim E (nl) wrote: Horrible, like a made for TV movie. Kutcher tried so hard. But this film was a bust.

fredrik (gb) wrote: rtt skoj o gav ngra skratt

Ruthie R (nl) wrote: you're bad and you should feel bad

David N (nl) wrote: Incredible. An extraordinary documentary on Competitive High School Debate with implications far past its own resolution to follow the careers of high school debaters. Examines the importance of argument and frameworks for argument to effecting social change in society. Also an incredible profile of what its like to be a gifted student in highschool today. Loved it.

Wayne H (mx) wrote: All I remeber from this movie is that fucking doll that scared the shit out of me as a kid and till this day i still dont like that fucking doll I honestly dont remeber much about the movie except that the dolls bad and he trys to kill the kid or some shit

Alex J (us) wrote: Flixter's synopsis seems completely wrong to me. It's actually about a girl who's family is falling apart and, after the death of her much loved grandmother, turns to a goth-chick rebellion complete with slightly-pretentious self-depreciative poetry. She is aware of her mother's feigned happiness with her new stepfather and consequently makes cries for attention. She eventually turns to shoplifting from her own place of work and thus loses her job. In looking for a new job, she meets a very uptight older man who initially loathes her and fears the teenage goth chick she appears to be. They befriend each other and introduce each other to each other's worlds. By the end of the film, he is less uptight and she turns full circle on her rebellious ways and frustrating negativity. The quite funny moment is near the end when she meets the old man's forgotten son and instantly takes a dislike to him for his frustrating negativity, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his attitude is exactly like hers was at the start of the film.

Henry I (kr) wrote: I love absolutely love everything about this movie. Fashion was amazing, they were really acting so good, even the songs omg very very much brilliant. Good job to people that create this movie n also the characters out there. much love

Geoff J (br) wrote: Watching paint drying, the movie.

Alexandria J (nl) wrote: We look back at Tinkerbell before she met Wendy. Everything looks highly delightful and cute until we see Lizzy who I think now is a little too annoying. Also, her looks look a bit like an 11-year-old but her voice is fine. The voice casting for this film is extremely wonderful.Lizzy adores fairies. She even believes in them so she makes a house for them. Tinkerbell gets trapped in it and Tinkerbell, at first, is afraid of Lizzy but the two of them form a strong bond. The father ruined the film for me, the way he and Lizzy fight is downright horrible and it turned me off.Besides Lizzy and the father, the rest of the film is gorgeous.

Ben L (jp) wrote: I was nervous revisiting this film that I absolutely adored growing up, because many of my childhood favorites don't age so well. But Adventures in Babysitting is so wonderful, and doesn't feel like it has aged at all. The story totally holds up, and I love pretty much every aspect of the film. Each little dangerous twist and turn that the plot takes adds to the fun, and the logic of why they end up in each place makes total sense. There are certainly some silly moments (like the scene in the blues club) but I just chalk that up as movie-logic utilized for a joke. This film was actually Chris Columbus' directorial debut, and he does a great job with it. One of the things that Columbus seems to be able to manage remarkably well are child actors. He almost always casts kids that are quality actors, and directs them so they will realize their full potential. Of course the cast entirely hinges on Elisabeth Shue, who is simply adorable in this movie. I had a pretty big crush on her back in the day, but seeing it as an adult I can still say her performance is superb. I particularly love the scenes where she starts to panic because of all the insanity going on around them, but simultaneously fights to maintain her role as babysitter watching over the kids. There's very little that I don't enjoy about Adventures in Babysitting, and as I said it holds up pretty well today, so I would highly recommend it.