Kick the Moon

Kick the Moon

Kick the Moon is about two high school students from a small-city high-school. One is a fighter who is involved in a legendary street-fight with a rival school, the other is a geeky wimp who loves to study and is one of the only students to not participate in the fight. Years later, the punk has grown to be a teacher in the high-school he attended and the nerd has become a mafia underboss and has returned to his hometown to set up operations. The movie revolves around the two men's rivalry for the affections of a local lady restaurant owner and the fighting of rival gang factions in the small city.

Ten years ago, Gi Dong, Choi, the head of the school gang and Yeong Joon, Park, the shy but smart student set out for school excursion to Gyeongju. They experience an unforgettable moment on that night. That change their life at all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carolina A (jp) wrote: it was pretty cute, I enjoyed it.

Robert H (de) wrote: A wonderful mix of martial arts, arthouse beauty, breathtaking visuals, love, crazy homoerotic encounters of a pseudo-sexual nature, energy, and fantasy. This is how you combine action with fantasy and fairy-tales. Apparently a sequel to a film I've never heard of, I'd have to wager that you didn't need to see the first film to understand this sequel as I never felt lost or out of place. Now I must track down the first film and see just what I've been missing all these years.

Dwayne R (it) wrote: It's hard to imagine anything less enjoyable than Twentynine Palms, California, but the movie achieves all that and less.

Josh S (us) wrote: Didn't know the movie was so old.

Ricky T (ag) wrote: Not an easy movie to watch, especially with the violence and very dark tone of the movie. The world is so bleak with no redemption in this movie.However, Tsui Hark's deconstruction of 'Jiang Hu' is amazing!Actionwise, the final fight scene is awesome!!!!

Milos M (de) wrote: Ultra baaaaad, worth retching, tasteless sci-fi flick.

Grg W (nl) wrote: hey its not that bad. the butcher is a likable villain. lon chaney jr. is fun to watch most of the time anyways. the acting is very well done too i must add.

Hernn B (au) wrote: Qu buena historia y qu mal casting. La narracin hecha por Jean cocteau le da su estrellita extra.

John R (nl) wrote: With its impressive look and story combined with its bland characters and boring dialogue, and also having nothing to do with the source material, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within is the definition of mediocre.

James M (mx) wrote: Doesn't really go into much detail about why the relationships between the 3 men fall apart so spectacularly. Just seems to go from good to bad very quickly. But good all the same and Carrell, very creepy performance

Anita H (de) wrote: I cant say how many times I've fapped to this movie......awesome!!

Fernando G (gb) wrote: That was an unnecessary waste of time.