Kickboxer 5

Kickboxer 5

Kickboxing champion Matt Reeves witnesses the murder of his friend Johnny. While investigating the crime, he learns that a Mr. Negaal in South Africa has founded a new kickboxing association and does not leave international champions much of a chance. Johnny had to pay with his life when he did not want to join. Neegal seems to kill everybody who is in his way especially David Sloan from the previous Kickboxer films. Matt is on his own now, but suddenly finds an unexpected ally.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:battle,   fight,   beating,  

After David Sloan is murdered, it's up to kick-boxing champ Matt Reeves to avenge him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rendan L (ca) wrote: It takes forever to go anywhere and when it finally does it feels like a classic case of to little to late. Grade: C+

David L (kr) wrote: This satire on the Apocalypse is mildly amusing. Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley play their roles in understated style as a surprisingly clean-cut but awkward couple. Craig Robinson is crass and unfunny in his role as The Beast. The funniest running gag is Thomas Lennon as a lawn mowing zombie.Don't expect anything close to Biblical accuracy. It's typically America centric and makes the common error of assuming God and Satan are near equals.

Grant K (ca) wrote: It's face blindness not literal blindness or voice blindness... This sounds like the dumbest premise ever

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Spencer H (it) wrote: Though the plot is uninspired and the writing mediocre, the incredible animation in this film makes it worth watching.

Ben C (fr) wrote: Maybe, I don't know, but from the looks of it; I don't care!?!

Louisa T (fr) wrote: Absolutely compelling movie.

Jayakrishnan R (jp) wrote: DOUBLE THUMBS UPViewed this on 23/6/15This could be the very best film that Hitchcock has ever made or at least in par with Psycho(my favourite). Hitchcock uses never seen before elements into this film like nudity, uncensored violence and most of all real shooting locations and modern camera techniques making the visuals striking and more believable compared to his other close confined films like Rear Window. This film really requires nudity and it shows how good Hitchcock could have done had they allowed him to show the shower scene in Psycho the way he shot it. It's violence and Hitchcock's tread into much darker material is essential because it adds much psychological tension to the film. The score is also great. The most interesting storyline in the film is a comic relief story of the investigating officer and his wife. The story lets us guessing and tightening things even as the film goes to the very near. The performances are also spot on with Barry Foster giving an unforgettable performance and equally good is Alec McCowen who only comes into the latter half of the film. However, if I asked, I would say there's one small problem. The film shows women in a bad light in generally, they are all either nude and killed or they are beings that fail to understand the truth, like the secretary of Ms Blaney or the wife of Blaney's friend or like the investigator's wife.

Steve M (br) wrote: A group of callous treasure hunters and the residents of an isolated African farm are beset by swimming zombies protecting a treasure trove of cursed diamonds. While watching "Zombies of Mora Tau" my mind repeatedly wandered to the work of another director who was turning out cheap horror movies in the 1950: Edward D. Wood. This is film is not that much better than "Bride of the Monster", making it one of many bits of evidence that whoever first decided it was cute to slander Wood with the "worst filmmaker ever" label was an ignorant twat. "Zombies of Mora Tau" is a film with a weak script being performed by a cast who are actors in the sense they can hit their marks and deliver their lines but who otherwise seem fairly free of any actual talent for acting. It further suffers from the fact that the costume designers or make-up artists didn't have the creativity to make the zombies look even halfway interesting--even "White Zombie", which is borrowed from/paid homage to on a couple of occassions here, did a far better job at this, way back at the dawn of the zombie movie genre--and it didn't have the budget to actually make the cool idea of underwater zombie attacks look believable. This is one of those movies that is brimming with potential, but it remains nearly entirely unrealized because of the incompetence of the filmmakers and the platry budget they had to work with. Almost despite itself, the film manages to mount a number of creepy moments, such as when the slutty femme-fatale wife of the captain of the salvage ship (played by Allison Hayes) rises from the dead as a zombie and then sets about to kill her former colleagues, including her husband. However, even the creepiest moment in the film is marred by cheapness and bad acting. As bad as I think this movie is, I did keep watching it and not because I was wondering if it could get any worse. No, in this instance, I kept hoping it would get better, because I kept thinking, "Wow... this could be a really scary scene if there was some more blood here" or "Good actors could have made this actually seem as intense as it's supposed to be" and so on. I'm sure anyone who likes zombie movies wil have a similar reaction when viewing this film. It is so full of what-could-have-been material that it will feed the imagination of any but the most braindead horror fan. This quality, coupled with the laughably bad exectution of just about everything present on screen, makes it a great movie to consider for inclusion in a Bad Movie Night. It's a shame that the film industry only seems interested in remaking movies that were already good to begin with. If there's a movie that deserves to be remade, it's "Zombies of Mora Tau". You wouldn't even need a new script. With a few minor tweaks and a modern approach to executing the story, the existing script would be the perfect foundation for a kick-ass film. (It would need a enough of a budget for decent diving and underwater scenes, though. Just imagine: "Into the Blue" with zombies! How cool would THAT be?!) Zombies of Mora Tau (aka "The Dead That Walk") Starring: Gregg Palmer, Autumn Russell, Allison Hayes, Joel Ashley, Marjorie Eaton, Morris Ankrum, and Gene Roth Director: Edward L. Cahn

Jon A (jp) wrote: If you want a good laugh in the style of Mystery Science Theatre-like movies, this is the movie to see. It's so poorly created and written, that it makes the movie absolutely hilarious.