Kickboxing Academy

Kickboxing Academy

Watch your nose in the hallways, these guys can really kick. In this fight flick, the students of a kickboxing academy take on students from a rival school.

Watch your nose in the hallways, these guys can really kick. In this fight flick, the students of a kickboxing academy take on students from a rival school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa W (jp) wrote: Kind of interesting...

Sean L (de) wrote: As straightforward as spinoffs can get, really. Kids love talking cars, and kids love toy airplanes, so kids will love talking airplanes too, right? And they do, or at least mine do, even if none of this cast has half the sparkle or charisma of a Lightning McQueen or a Tow Mater. Which should speak volumes, since both are pretty much the bottom of the barrel in Pixar's repertoire. As competition-focused racing movies go, it's middle of the pack - energetic and often lovely, but flat as a board and thoroughly predictable. Younger audiences will thrill to the frequent chase scenes, with a good mix of terrain thrown in as appreciable spice, but their chaperones won't find much material hiding beneath the surface. Cars had a timely message about the loss of the great American highway lurking under there, and at least Cars 2 had some buck to its script, but there's really nothing more to this one than a simple played-out underdog sporting saga. And hey, that's perfectly okay. There's plenty of room on the screen for bright, shiny, cookie-cutter kids' fare, and it certainly doesn't offend. It's just no comparison to the Pixar-branded forerunners that paved these lanes. Good enough for a quiet evening, no more, no less, and it gave my three-year-old boys a good dose of imagination fuel.

Michael Y (us) wrote: Almost unheard of and made on a small budget, Gunless is non the less great entertainment. It's a western for Canadians, and a comedy for everyone. An infamous American gunslinger arrives past the border and finds himself in a small town in Canada. His method is cold and unforgiving, but when he's surrounded by friendly folk who are more impressed by his reputation than afraid, his attempt for a showdown with the local blacksmith will be harder than he thought as he takes a shine on the people. What tries so hard to mask itself as a gritty western is actually a hilarious comedy. Paul Gross does a wonderful job as The Montana Kid, being tough, likeable, and downright funny within his situations. You'll never know when the movie is going to be funny or serious. That's what makes this movie so good. The small budget is what makes this movie appealing. The town is small. Like, REALLY small, which adds a more realistic look to it all. Costumes and sets look westernesque and cliche as they should. The directing in this movie is great too. This movie has a very classic spaghetti western style look, which makes it easy to switch the tone of the movie. How this movie turnes from a drama to a comedy unexpectably is a great achievement in directing and in cinematography. Though not an achievement that reaches new hights, or one that does a spectacular job, this movie is just pure entertainment. It's constantly funny at all the right times, the actors make great characters, and it doesn't look to bad either. Gunless is definitely an unexpected Canadian gem and one to look out for when you have the chance.

Bradley H (ca) wrote: With the exception of making the inexplicable choice to ask the audience to read text on the screen while also listening to separate narration, this is a well-produced documentary that serves as a primer on the history of the "grindhouse" film genres.

Joseph O (us) wrote: Probably would have never seen this except for Netflix on my Wii. Great little movie really loved it.

Andy W (es) wrote: aye man sod the reviews of this film, this is pure class like makes me feel back at home every time i see this, me mate used tae stay in those flats at the end like

Helena M (us) wrote: A loveble movie about animal cruelty and love.

Dan S (kr) wrote: Roy Scheider and Meryl Streep look as confused as the plot in Robert Benton's Still Of The Night. This Hitchcockian thriller never really takes off, and has a silly dream sequence as its central sub-plot. There's a distinct lack of suspense, and the ending will leave you rather unfulfilled.

John S (us) wrote: If you can get past My Young Auntie's nearly insufferable qualities then you have a somewhat decent kung fu comedy.Truth be told, My Young Auntie is barely worth the watch. The fight scenes in the first half of the film are few and far between and are just (for lack of a better word) dumb. The fight scenes in the film's ending sequence however are quite astounding and are almost up there with the best of Lau Kar Leung (Liu Chia Liang). But they aren't really worth the watch. In order to get to the end you'll have to sit through unbearable characters, terrible acting, and horrific comedy. Unless you are actually into the classic 70s Chinese kung fu comedy style of filmmaking then I'd say that this film isn't really worth your time at all. Everything else about the film such as the story and camera work is decent though. But only just.

Bjorn O (nl) wrote: Den r helt ok, snyggt slpp p Silver Walthers, omslaget r mer lskigt n filmen, Naschy skulle ha behvts i den hr.

Maral M (gb) wrote: Billy Wilder, the ultimate master of comedy!