Kicking Off

Kicking Off

This movie is about soccer hooligans, the most aggressive and violent soccer aficionados. They are an exclusive group, the elite of all soccer fans. Whoever they may be in their everyday lives—college students, bankers, musicians, or car mechanics—they are a “firm.” It’s easy to get into a firm, but once you’re in, it’s for life. There’s no going back. The movie is based on actual events

This movie is about soccer hooligans, the most aggressive and violent soccer aficionados. They are an exclusive group, the elite of all soccer fans. Whoever they may be in their everyday ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kicking Off torrent reviews

Jude P (nl) wrote: Next to nothing! Why on earth, so called critics gives nod to trash like this and so good movies go unnoticed?

Gavin W (de) wrote: I'm in love with this show

Joe T (fr) wrote: Films as bad as this are rare gems!

Andrew P (nl) wrote: An incredible journey to 1930's Catholic Ireland in a true story of Catholic sexual and physical abuse of reform school young boys. Brings you to start all the debates on the Catholic Church and to the true corruption throughout that still exists today. A must see for all.

Shaun L (it) wrote: (Written like the Rotten Tomatoes Movie info about Clifford) I remembered having memories of Clifford when I was younger, but watching Clifford now, Clifford is a horrible movie. The ending to Clifford isn't very uplifting either. Just watching this movie is as bad as if you were a character in Clifford harassed by Clifford.

Mark N (kr) wrote: great family entertainment - lots of great lines and characters. The soundtrack is the weakest link.

Benjamin P (mx) wrote: With a poet's eye, Burnett finds the everyday humor and beauty in this bleak american slice of life. One of the most convincing debut features in the cinema.

Logan M (gb) wrote: "Days of Heaven" is a powerful and emotional portrait of early 20th century working class.

Aaron O (gb) wrote: This sequel devolves from an adult suspense flick in the first movie to a shitty teen horror flick in this one.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Directed by Alan Clarke (Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire Rita (1985) and Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987)), and produced by Davina Belling and Clive Parsons (Gregory's Girl (1981) and Comfort and Joy (1984)), this started out as a play for the BBC written by Roy Minton. But the BBC banned it before it was broadcast, so Clarke raised the money to remake it as a film. It's still heavy going, and hard to watch. Set in a borstal, 3 new inmates arrive. Carlin (Ray Winstone), Angel (Alrick Riley) and Davis (Julian Firth), all prosecuted for various crimes and misdemeanors. They try to adjust to tough life behind bars. Carlin just wants to try and get by with a low profile, in the hope that he'll be released sooner, but he soon finds himself up against Banks (John Blundell), who is the 'Daddy' of the Borstal. But when he witnesses Davis being set upon by Banks and other inmates, Carlin plans revenge, and it's not long before Carlin becomes the 'Daddy' of the borstal. He also see's that the inmates get what they want, but there's a few who stand up to Carlin's ways. It's a very violent film, and you can't believe they got away with this, but it's impact was felt and reached the British Government, who ended up closing borstals up and down the UK, and replacing them with young offenders institutions. If a film can have that kind of impact on a country, it's done something right.

Brian S (fr) wrote: Bizarre as all hell, but I still rather liked it.

Andrew R (gb) wrote: It was a good story and had good acting but poorly edited. I found that this movie just dragged, and everything was explained verrrrrrrrrrrry...Slowley. I ended up fast forwarding it to the end and saw basically most of the latter half of the movie in lil clips which explianed the movie just fine. I was disappointed cause it could have been a good movie. 1/5 Stars

Lisa S (fr) wrote: Great flick! Funny and smart. Kind of like "The Wizard of Oz" meets film noir. Edward G. Robinson is terrific.

Ameena M (it) wrote: Jack Lemmon's film debut. Judy Holliday was great, as was the writing from husband & wife team Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon. The film was sweet and charming--makes me want to watch more movies with Holliday.

Nick L (fr) wrote: It was a really good movie

Geoffrey B (au) wrote: A charming movie about a man who travels the world to find happiness in life at home. Nothing ground breaking but a very enjoyable movie.

Derek S (nl) wrote: gave up after 20 minites. office down... more thumbs down

Steve W (kr) wrote: Solid cast but not a very good story or plot. Basically a british man who takes in delinquents is murdered buy a corrupt cattleman, and his charges decided to go after for revenge, with lots of killing. There are occasional moments, but its a fleeting western with not much that is memorable.

Derrick A (jp) wrote: A very moving drama about racism and overcoming it. Billy Bob Thornton does a fantastic job. One of my favorite things about the movie is how Thornton is racist yet he always orders black coffee and chocolate ice cream.