Kid Colter

Kid Colter

A Boston boy escapes from spies and survives in the wild with tricks from his mountain-man father.

A Boston boy escapes from spies and survives in the wild with tricks from his mountain-man father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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aaron w (au) wrote: Woody Harellson is hilarious and the movie has its moments. But the main character is incredibly annoying.

Train M (gb) wrote: /C-/ The lead character in the this film is just a genuinely awful person to everybody around her. This could be fine, but not if the film is begging us to feel sympathy for her. Also, her high school brother is clearly about 25, which is a pet peeve of mine... unless there's a deleted scene where he talks about failing 4th grade seven times. Another issue that always gets me in movies... why is Krista friends with this awful person? WHY!?Hey, Woody Harrelson was good though.

Rainy M (mx) wrote: ????? ????? ???, ??? ???? :/

Olivia W (kr) wrote: This film had so much potential. I think this is one of Adrien Brody's most outstanding performances - it's just a shame that direction was sub-par and the plot was messy.I think the screenplay alone is quite beautiful, but the gloomy overpowering tone prevents it from fully spreading it's wings. There was a bit too much unnecessary profanity for my taste and some of the dialogue sounded altogether unnatural. I don't want to completely put down this movie. I actually enjoyed it and it does pull on the heartstrings. Under another more proficient director, this could've been a four-star movie.

Patrick S (gb) wrote: Acting wise and directing wise, it's a good movie and I do like it on that front. But to say it's better than Twelve Angry Men or even in the same league is idiot talk. It takes away all the ambiguity, all the relevant crime talk is replaced by personal stories that magically change the minds of most of the jurors, and it turns out that it's all a big conspiracy with a moronic ending was just a major mistake.Like I said, it's a good movie despite all the attempts at self-sabotage but if you actually think it deserves're a delusional pretentious moron who only like subtitled movies since it makes you deep.

Hallie (us) wrote: Yay, pshyco writer! What more do you want?

Alyce A (it) wrote: A really good follow up !

Jake S (us) wrote: So awful i loved it. Stilted dialogue, a predictable script and lines so clich?d they could have been written by Uwe Boll. This movie is so bad it is turned from a suspenseful horror film into a comedy that delivers a laugh a minute.

ITS A BOY (nl) wrote: Man ive loved this movie since i was a kid..Id really like to see it again one day

(mx) wrote: James Woods acting is riveting in this weird movie that explores fears and desires. Even when this movie was made, the fear of mind control through technology was very strong. If they could only imagine where technology is now!

Shari Z (jp) wrote: When a forein shabby restaurant was still exotic, and customers got out drunk on uzu singing an Albanian song. Nostalgy...

Michael D (au) wrote: Classic love the masks and the surf theme.

Andrew H (mx) wrote: A fantastic character study. It's real time setting keeps the tension building over a bleak sense of desperation.

Christian L (mx) wrote: Pretty interesting take on Roswell and alien technology -- fun, too! Pay particular attention to the things this movie suggests about the nature of time.

Grant K (nl) wrote: What could have been an excellent minimalist thriller becomes a dumb, overcooked by the numbers horror film that collapses under its incessant need for CGI and constant thrills.