A fortnight before her eighteenth birthday, Sonia goes missing. Her family receives a call informing them that she has been kidnapped and her estranged father, a US-based businessman, must now follow the kidnapper’s instructions to the letter if he is to entertain any hopes of seeing her alive again. Is this a mere kidnapping or is there more to it than what meets the eye?

Sanjay Dutt plays a father whose daughter is kidnapped. The film follows his struggle to get her back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kidnap torrent reviews

Mats V (br) wrote: This is Fucking ml (1998) but 14 years later, so it is good.

John W (ru) wrote: Cute young women, old family secrets, masked killers. We've seen it all before, nothing new here. The best thing Mask offers is Michael Berryman - a horribly underutilized Berryman, but nonetheless...

Andrew T (gb) wrote: Not necessarily a horrible movie, but it was silly and predictable most of the time. Lead character did a decent job. I have to agree with most people, she is definitely a Jessica Alba look-a-like. Just overall disappointed that a really good idea was pretty much wasted.

Lisa Y (ru) wrote: if you know highlander and seen them all... this one makes you wonder as well as the others after the first 2... the first highlander was and is still the best... but man stop screwing with it people.

Bud B (ru) wrote: not terrible. not so unbelievable either. reteraforming the earth. why not?

Chucho F (au) wrote: I had no idea that there was a religion other than the Christian one until I saw this movie when I was around 10 or so. Never took anything into consideration until this movie broadened my eyes. Watching it again brings back cherished memories. Good stuff!!

Private U (br) wrote: This is life! Trade or not.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Two martial artist cops investigate a series of martial arts killings in NYC. Although Jalal Merhi produced the film, the series would turn to Rothrock for the sequels. A plus to the two brown-nosing detectives assigned to relieve Rothrock and Merhi of the investigation; which they botch of course.

Bill T (jp) wrote: Amusing little movie here. I had never heard of this title until I picked it up from my library (who knows why they had it). After watching it, I'm sure this is the type of movie that just clogged up TV airtime in the 1970's. It's barely, if at all, a footnote in the careers of Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren, heck, this is barely a footnote of a movie anyplace. But that's not to say this movie is not with its charms.A university professor (Peck) is summoned to a mysterious man's dwelling to decipher a piece of Egyptian Hieroglyphics for an unknown reason. Then a mysterious lady (Loren) appears, with her OWN hidden agenda! Soon, implausibility after confusing implausibility emerges, it's all somewhat of a mess, but it's sort of fun, actually. Peck is amusing in his vastly overwritten role as a University school teacher who suddenly knows everything about spy sleuthing, it seems. And Sophia Loren, is, well, Sophia Loren. It's funny watching her figure everything out for us when she'd be the sort of the last person to ask. It's also fun to watch all her costume changes from scene to scene

Erin B (mx) wrote: A remake of this movie? REALLY? WHY?!

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: Only in the early 2000s could a movie like this exist.