Kidnapped Souls

Kidnapped Souls

Horror - Jose Yenque, Noel Gugliemi, Neil Brown Jr.

LA detectives are on the hunt for a mysterious serial killer who kidnaps and kills his victims. Their hopes of catching the killer are slim, as the detectives can't find a single shred of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kidnapped Souls torrent reviews

LaToya H (ru) wrote: Probably Eddie Murphy's best role. Great storyline from beginning to end.

Jose P (us) wrote: Its a buddy cop movie, feels just like Shanghai noon, but with an older chan and a crappy side kick. Perfect to watch saturday morning

Amirah B (de) wrote: Good movie.. Good Story....

Thomas T (nl) wrote: Unfortunately, my attention was not caught.

Jim S (de) wrote: This movie is so bad it made my ears bleed. Only make it through about 1/3 of it before pushing eject. Looked and sounded like a high school project that got a failing score. Tim Allen must really need money to be in this clunker.

Stphanie A (au) wrote: I really want to see this ,seems pretty funny,and love Jennifer Lopez ;)

Eduardo S (gb) wrote: Hay pelculas buenas, hay pelculas malas y hay pelculas como estas que no deberan siquiera existir

Sarah M (de) wrote: Very cute. lots of laughs.

Peter G (de) wrote: Not just the worst bond film ever made but one of the worst films i've ever seen in my life. Anyone who saw this and told you it was good is a moron- fact. Ivisible cars... Please. And that parachute surfing scene LOL!!!Watch Casino Royal, that's a proper bond film.

Dwight F (it) wrote: A solid suspense/thriller. Richard Gere is Richard Gere, and everyone else falls into their role seamlessly. Keith David's presence lends credibility to the movie and Eric Roberts is very convincing. It works.

Rand B (gb) wrote: Very suspenseful build-up- I had to turn it off for a day at a time between segments! Above average acting by Alan Arkin and Rutger Hauer. Not gory at all which I appreciated. It was an eye-opening experience of the escape which I had never even heard of before.

Paul A (br) wrote: Not a horror movie (as the poster might lead you to believe) but instead a decent little thriller which does sort of lose its way in the final act. Still, oddly fascinating, above average and worth a rental in my opinion.

Mark D (gb) wrote: One of the weakest sinbad adventures. The highlight as always is the harryhausen animation.