When taxi driver Ah Huat's son is kidnapped, he resorts to extreme measures to raise the $1,000,000 ransom. But when the kidnapper reneges on the exchange, Ah Huat takes the most extreme measure of all: he kidnaps the kidnapper's child.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kidnapper 2010 full movies, Kidnapper torrents movie

When taxi driver Ah Huat's son is kidnapped, he resorts to extreme measures to raise the $1,000,000 ransom. But when the kidnapper reneges on the exchange, Ah Huat takes the most extreme measure of all: he kidnaps the kidnapper's child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kartik M (us) wrote: Can't be missed by any stretch of imagination . Each and every bit of this movie just "INSPIRES".

Brandon J (au) wrote: Funny movie, but sad there was no hangover.

Jonathan D (fr) wrote: Well done but sooo sloooow and sooo depressing.

Mark R (ru) wrote: They messed with the wrong guy! Lol

Tor M (fr) wrote: One of Lars von Triers oldest flicks, I believe it's his second full lenght after "The Elements of Crime". This film is the second part of a trilogy called "Europa", but it's not very connected too the mentioned film accept that there is some sort of plague going on.There are some interesting methods of film making here. Near to be shot in black and white - maybe it is actually, but the filter makes it looks different in any case. We follow some film makers as they create the plot of a plague. We also se parts of the result - or the way they want it too look. Full of style and simple elegancy, but it's also a borefest. Even with a very low budget it could entertain a lot more.A "movie-in-a-movie" in a way, but more a fake documentary of low budget film-making.I see some "Riget" connections, but mostly I see some moves that Trier probably make when he's putting his films together. Interesting, but not at interesting as it should be.A very powerful ending scene does not save this avant-garde film that got very few highlights. It will be remembered as a boring mess with some neat finesses.4 out of 10 toothpaste operations.

Scott A (br) wrote: I will say that it started off really great, but the final act kind of turned into an over-the-top riff on Animal House and sadly, it doesn't give very good closer to all the characters it made us love in the first place.The cast is great. Two brothers lead this film. Stacey Keach's real life brother is the bad guy, think of Harris in Police Academy, where he's a cop, but dirty. The lead guy is Bill Murray's younger real life brother, they actually played brothers in SCROOGED. He is so funny and has that same kind of fast wit as Bill.The rest of the cast involves a confusing Doc in Fred Willard, Marty McFly's sister as a woman that is always sick, a punk hottie(played by April from CRITTERS) and a nerd who molds himself to be with her, a guy that has seen far too many horror films and the funniest old lady I've seen in a film in a long time.Basically it's like Police Academy 2-3 only in traffic school. Same kind of zaniness.Oh and Sally Kellerman is great as the Judge. And look out for a bit Don Cheadle sighting.

Justin B (de) wrote: Bizarro James Bond. I usually enjoy the entries in the franchise that feel different but this doesn't feel different so much as it just feels very very off. However those who swear by Connery as bond will most likely enjoy it as a throwback.

Benjamin N (nl) wrote: This movie is INSANE

Michael W (kr) wrote: Virgil Tibbs resurfaces in San Francisco investigating a murder linked to an associate. Nowhere near the quality of its predecessor, Barbara McNair added as standard cop's wife dealing with repeated tardiness for dinner on account of overwork.

Tatsuhito K (jp) wrote: This is one of those great films that I admire tremendously rather than I love. It is technically impressive and visually stunning, and the first hour of the film is riveting as hell. It is great visual storytelling and it had me in awe throughout. The special effects still hold up to this date, John Williams' score is imaginative and spectacular as ever, and I love the mystery element of its story, the not knowing of what aliens look like and their purpose of visiting Earth. What doesn't work for me is Richard Dreyfuss' character. He is so obnoxious and so unlikable, his character motivation makes no sense, and the fall of his marriage seems out of place and belongs to a completely different movie. I wish the humans in the film were more fleshed out and had some quality that I could root for. But overall, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is a wonderful film full of film magic and awe-inducing moments. The second act is dull, but the first act is absolutely riveting and the climax is pretty spectacular.

Darrin C (nl) wrote: Great 1980s action flick and though most of the movie dealt with Remo's training, it was still captivating.

John K (es) wrote: There one thing I liked this movie, its messed up, watching it with MST3K makes it better," magic powder" that makes people happy, special effects that make you laugh, and my personal favorite vampire robot reindeers ( they don't call them vampires but the little boy warn Santa return before sunrise or they will turn into dust) When he turns them back to life its creepy, after the reindeer laughs I notice two pentagrams in the back round, no I'm not kidding. Overall its an entertaining piece of shit.