Kidnapping, Caucasian Style

Kidnapping, Caucasian Style

In this comic but dated story, nerdy Shurik travels to Caucas in search of native legends and folklore. But what he finds is a beautiful girl whom, due to intoxication and deceit of the local "gang", he ends up literally stealing for the local deceitful governor. All the time Shurik thinks that it is all just a one old Caucasian custom. When he, finally, realizes what he did he goes out in search for the girl of his dreams. Written by Ptah Hoteb

In this comic but dated story, nerdy Shurik travels to the Caucasus in search of native legends and folklore. But what he finds is a beautiful girl whom, due to intoxication and deceit of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick D (es) wrote: The birth of found-footage horror.~

James C (br) wrote: Control tells the story of Ian Curtis' rise to fame from humble beginnings in Macclesfield through to his tragically young demise. The movie is slow throughout, but never boring. Sam Riley was excellent as Curtis. I found it a fascinating portrayal. Before watching the film I wasn't aware of the whole story, but was a fan of Joy Division. You could easily be fooled into thinking that some of the scenes were actually the real thing. Riley has an uncanny to Curtis and his voice, looks and movements are all utterly believable. Considering the uncomfortable, jagged and stretched motions and expressions this is quite a feat.One thing that impressed me about Control is that it is such an honest portrayal. Nothing is added to be clever or spice the situation up. Nothing is taken away to avoid looking pathetic or limited. We see Curtis' talented, genius, pathetic and self destructive, fragmented character in all its glory. It shows his needs for things he doesn't want, and wanting things he doesn't need - medication, love, having a baby, etc. Although his biography, that the movie has connections with, is called Touching From A Distance, Anton Corbijn has chosen to go with Control for his version of the tale. I feel it's a great title for this story. No control of his epileptic condition. No control of his feelings. Nor his fame. Nor what was expected of him. Nor what performing on stage took out of him. His life is as out of control as his dancing and music. In what he could control, he was super talented, which in itself is an achievement not to be overlooked considering his origins.I found the film genuinely affecting. Maybe because it is quite close to home and personal to me. I have listened to the songs featured in the film many times, albeit in my car now, or on my "boom-box" as a teen. I felt a connection with the character as I too am epileptic, suffer from depression and many flaws in his character I see in my own. This made certain scenes difficult yet valuable to watch for me.I would of hated this film to be made as a Hollywood money-making project. The whole identity, texture and appeal would be lost. If you know anything of the story, you would be expecting a movingly tragic end to the movie. I feel that even though you expect and anticipate this, it delivers the impact required. This is difficult to achieve when the audience know what's ahead.Control is a movie of high quality courtesy of Corbijn. I take my hat off to him having only directed video documentaries previously. The soundtrack is just tremendous and I feel the need to go out and purchase it.The feel, tone, structure and script are all spot on for the story, era, location and topic(s). The individual elements come together in an impressive package that I would recommend. If any topics covered in the film are of interest, this is a must see movie.

Nicoara T (gb) wrote: in 2005 a fost exceptional. acum mi se pare ca are un scenariu care trebuie sa bifeze niste scene pentru fani. dar este un film destul de lung, si rewarding.

J K (de) wrote: So THAT'S what happened to Billy Dee. Lando, we miss you!

Rico T (es) wrote: wouldn't play the movie

Richard L (mx) wrote: This movie starts off as an interesting take on the postapocalyptic and undead genres (with some references to earlier movies), then rapidly turns full 80's with bad music all over the place and the usual unfunny, improbable storyline and ending. Amusingly enough, it features a young Robert BELTRAN (from Star Trek : Voyager fame).

David L (ca) wrote: The musical numbers, especially the Academy Award Winner Flashdance, are the only things that stand out in this otherwise forgettable movie with a pretty generic plot, flat characters and the film is just filled with never ending dance sequences and an overall feeling of emptiness. Like many 1980s musicals ('Dirty Dancing'), it is only worth the trip for the catchy music and pretty much nothing else.

Nate T (nl) wrote: Painful. On Blu-ray.

Max C (us) wrote: This film was one of the few that allowed Elvis to show his Acting skills.

JeanMarie L (es) wrote: Film d'une grande dlicatesse. criture particulirement intelligente. Interprtation parfaite.

George R (fr) wrote: Daniel Webster argues for the soul of a NH farmer to a jury of American traitors. Did he win? You watch and see. This was another 31 Days of Oscar..."Scratch" was nominated for Best Actor.

Claire P (nl) wrote: I really liked the thought experiment this presented, though I was not a fan of the end and some of the more predictable points the writers used to wrap things up.

Grant H (fr) wrote: Great movie. The plot is pretty original (though slow), but what keeps this movie interesting and captivating, creating some incredible characters and lines, and giving us some incredible performances from its cast, especially Lemmon, Pacino, Baldwin and Arkin.

Juliano K (us) wrote: We are human because we evolved our senses, and the ability to use these as we wish. So much pain could be avoided if we decide to apply them for the best though - love, help, listening, reaching out for a friend in need or even for the people in need - either MINAS GERAIS (dem tragedy) ou PARIS (terrorists attacks). This could offer mankind more than 525600 minutes of SEASONS OF LOVE. I offer this final scene to ilustrate how important is to see, not only to look at the others, walk their shoes and to listen what they had listened!

Fernando P (kr) wrote: It wasn't amazing but it kept my attention. Josh was the typical stupid funny whilst Kevin was his typical funny with his swag.

Lisa R (ru) wrote: Very sexy film!!!! Sad too !