In this pitch-black action comedy by Kihachi Okamoto, a pair of down-on-their-luck swordsmen arrive in a dusty, windblown town, where they become involved in a local clan dispute. One, previously a farmer, longs to become a noble samurai. The other, a former samurai haunted by his past, prefers living anonymously with gangsters. But when both men discover the wrongdoings of the nefarious clan leader, they side with a band of rebels who are under siege at a remote mountain cabin. Based on the same source novel as Akira Kurosawa’s Sanjuro, Kill! playfully tweaks samurai film convention, borrowing elements from established chanbara classics and seasoning them with a little Italian western.

Two ronin - an ex-samurai and an ex-farmer - get caught up a local officials complex game of murder and betrayal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jo S (es) wrote: This made me terribly homesick; there is nowhere in the world like NOLA, This film doesn't hit the food, but clearly shows how music pervades every street corner, every child, the very air. Moves slowly and not much happens, but it's a documentary after all. Did my heart good.

Jeremy G (ag) wrote: Scattered, incoherent; and with an ending that is set up both blatantly and minimally, if that makes sense. Val Kilmer, an actor I admired and who was once known for rigour, seems to be becoming Brando-esque in more than girth. Speaking of which, his little drunken impersonations mid-film were a - no, THE - highlight of the flick for me...but given how throwaway that scene is, it emphasizes how disappointing the movie is overall.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Not very good. I saw too many trailers for this one.

Leslie I (br) wrote: Better than Destroyah

Matt C (es) wrote: Ok movie could have been way better

Shantel D (us) wrote: Blake Lively was awesome in this. Really good, tense shark movie. Water makes me nervous enough without a big killer in it.