Kill Kill Faster Faster

Kill Kill Faster Faster

Recently paroled after serving a long stretch for his wife's murder, Joey One-Way aligns himself with a producer who has optioned the play he wrote in prison. As he sets about adapting his work for the big screen, Joey falls for his new pal's ex-con wife, and enters into a doomed affair.

Recently paroled after serving a long stretch for his wife's murder, Joey One-Way aligns himself with a producer who has optioned the play he wrote in prison. As he sets about adapting his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Federico E (ag) wrote: :D - a small look behind the curtains of voices we know by heart and grew up with, putting faces on the actors. So funny and amazing.

Michelle S (fr) wrote: Buck knows a lot about horses, but he knows even more about humans.

Ai C (br) wrote: all i can say is that its a nice movie

Jake P (es) wrote: Just as crazy as Napoleon Dynamite!

Sam W (br) wrote: I don't know. Maybe I should watch this again. I just found it kinda...dull. Like a poor woman's version of "Winter's Bone."

Marcus W (ca) wrote: Fun - though nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is.

Brian S (ag) wrote: Starting with 1994s Clerks and ending with 2006s Clerks 2, writer/director Kevin Smith went full circle within his "View Askewniverse" establishing his voice as a filmmaker, creating a series of (loosely) connected films that centered on stoners, convenience stores, malls, platypuses, God and many other subjects all within a comedic blanket. Smith has shown limitations from time to time (2004s Jersey Girl as a primary example) but you could argue that the director has always strived to try different things and push himself (1999s Dogma). Since leaving his established comfort zone, Smith went into a completely different direction with 2011s Red State, a horror film with some nice ideas but never quite finds its own groove. Though this is a new genre for Smith, he shows an understanding of it-playing with tropes, expectations and archetypes-and manages to think up some very uncomfortable situations to watch. Thing is there is simply too much emptiness to it all (which is disappointing as the film is a measly 88 min). The famous Smith quick witted dialogue is on display (performed by the great Michael Parks and John Goodman) but even that becomes stale when there is not much pushing things forward. Too much lingering, too many monologues and trying too much (or little). It is when Smith does the unexpected where Red State truly stands out but even that turns out to be a letdown, very much like the rest of the picture.

Tea R (mx) wrote: Nije me bas impresionirao film, pogledala sam zbog ok trailera i glumaca, ali na kraju se sve svelo na losu glumu i reziju. Moglo je to i bolje. Prica je solidna.

Mark H (fr) wrote: For the most part the acting is lame and lifeless, but the film has a good message and it has some nicely directed scenes.

Amanda H (de) wrote: This was really freakin' bad. I could have written a better script when I was in 4th grade, the acting was incredibly cheesy and fake, and the effects were abysmal. There was absolutely nothing to like about this movie.

Liy A (br) wrote: ayyyyyyy-ohhhhhhhhh, ayyyyyyy-ahhhhhhhhh!!

Bradley M (gb) wrote: Ozon's fucking hilarious romp about a father bringing home a pet rat. Every family member becomes different once the little fucker arrives. Crazy shit, incest, suicide attempts, gay orgies, and even titty fucking make this for one trashy field day of fun!

Michael M (fr) wrote: Satire and silliness for everyone! If you liked "Dr. Strangelove" might hate this. But see it anyway!

Byron B (fr) wrote: Whaaat?!?! I guess I don't get this French New Wave, semi-surealistic view of life. So this recovering bomber pilot, Pierre, has a case of amnesia. He has a job assisting a bird cage maker, and a nurse who took care of him when he returned from the war has tried to start a romantic relationship with him. He has a hard time enjoying life though because he is tormented by not being able to remember his past. Then this underage girl is brought to the Ville d'Avray to be left at a Catholic school in town. Pierre immediately becomes a little unhealthily obsessed with the girl and trying to make sure the father doesn't upset her. He picks up a bag the father forgot to leave for the girl and finds out that the father is not planning to come back to visit or anything. When he returns to the school to deliver the bag on Sunday, the nuns mistake him for the girl's father, and allow them to visit for the afternoon. Thus begins this strange relationship.He reverts to a childlike sense of play and imagination. He feels that she helps him, that he will be able to remember his past the more time they spend together. The girl reveals that her mother abandoned her to run away with another man, her grandmother who took over caring for her kept trying to push her off on other people, then finally her father abandoned her at this school and she knows he will never return. She says the nuns do not like her real name because it is not a Christian name and so call her Francoise. She plays a game with Pierre withholding what her real name is. She is very sensitive, needy, clingy, morbid, and prone to inventing fantasy like situations. These two hurting souls spend a lot of time in a local park enjoying the trees and the ripples in the lake. She has a crush and talks about marrying Pierre as soon as she turns eighteen. He shrugs this off and never really makes any inappropriate moves on her. But it is an uncomfortable, inappropriate relationship pretending to be father and daughter in public, but hiding the "dates" from certain people. People who know Pierre start to catch on and some think there is nothing to worry about, while others think something dangerous is going on. Perhaps it ends too tragically, but the suggested French sensibilities of the 60's that this relationship is healthy and appropriate is hard to believe.Technically, there are many interesting uses of the camera. There are several shots of reflections and ripples in the lake. There are a couple instances of shooting the reflection of a side view mirror as a vehicle drives down the street. Then there is a kaleidoscope view looking through a jewel and a distorted view looking through the bottom of a wine glass. The video copy I watched was pretty washed out in the whites and the English subtitles were in white, so at times it was impossible to read or understand what was being said. I think I understood the general idea even if I couldn't follow every line, but still I found myself checking the clock every few minutes. It didn't hold my attention.

Charlotte S (es) wrote: Kind of a sad movie but it is good.

Sage H (de) wrote: The epic conclusion to a film that could have gone better, "Any Which Way" provides more lovable characters, fun laughs, more battles and brawls and a story that provided for a more thoroughly entertaining experience for everyone.

Cedric L (au) wrote: Smart, well-acted and well-directed.