Kill Me Again

Kill Me Again

After Faye and her psychotic boyfriend, Vince, successfully rob a mob courier, Faye decides to abscond with the loot. She heads to Reno, where she hires feckless private investigator Jack Andrews to help fake her death. He pulls the scheme off and sets up Faye with a new identity, only to have her skip out on him without paying. Jack follows her to Vegas and learns he's not the only one after her. Vince has discovered that she's still alive.

Kill Me Again is an action film telling about a young detective becomes involved with a beautiful woman on the run from the mob and her psychopath boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (ag) wrote: The actress is beautiful and it has Chow Yun Fat, other than that this movie has nothing going for it aside from it's laughable special effects. Might have been good 25 years ago in Hong Kong but here and now it's terrible.

Rachel L (us) wrote: 50 mins of watching it.......... about the only decent acting in this film Is Jamie Bamber. Yet another "horror" film added to my Annoying list. American's just can't be original. No surprise I've given up long ago on American shit.

Aaron K (nl) wrote: Not gonna see it due it's non-stop swearing, no matter what there is to enjoy.

Ricky M (fr) wrote: More over the top antics from Brian Depalma.

Hardy M (kr) wrote: This film is truly groundbreaking because it is the FIRST time in recorded human history that a prophecy is chronicled and proven true in time. In this film, a prediction is made that Ted Kennedy would NEVER become President... and now that he has passed on, the "Prophecy of Repossessed" has been proven. So enough with all you skeptics and naysayers who for years said the prophecy was a hoax, or false, or that Ted Kennedy was bound to be President. You were wrong, and now this film can be vaulted upwards into the annals of history. So go back to debunking the Apollo Hoax or something. You're probably wrong there too!

Jack B (ru) wrote: My favourite movie of all time. Probably seen it 80+ times.

Darren P (kr) wrote: All the clever ideas mean much less after the execution.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: ***Although the film feels underwhelming at points, it hits the mark emotionally. The action is well captured, and the film can be really masterful at points, however the villains are not developed at all, and the revenge plot kicks in far too late. That being said, it's easily the most story-heavy Mad Max movie, which I appreciated.

Valeria P (de) wrote: The movie manages to present Mr. Turner in all his contradictions: a genius and a grunting beast, a sensitive man and a scoundrel, a loving son and an unforgiving one.

Garrett H (mx) wrote: Good movie. It had some cool scenes that I really liked, but did have some scenes I didn't care about that I would forget. Overall, good movie!