Kill Me Later

Kill Me Later

Her goldfish dead, her lover exposed as a rat, Shawn Holloway leaves her bank post and goes to the roof intent on suicide. Before she can leap, she's taken hostage by Charlie Anders, a fleeing bank robber. He and his partners have stolen a million in cash and plan to escape to Venezuela. Shawn agrees to cooperate if Charlie promises to kill her once he's in the clear. Parts of the plan go awry, so Charlie has time to try to pierce her bleak manner and self pity, and she has time for reflection. As night falls, their interlude ends: they're each alone, Charlie facing prison as the police close in, and Shawn staring down at a river from atop a high bridge.

Her goldfish dead, her lover exposed as a rat, Shawn Holloway leaves her bank post and goes to the roof intent on suicide. Before she can leap, she's taken hostage by Charlie Anders, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick D (fr) wrote: It really has that cheesy 50s-60s sci-fi film feel, with all the purposefully cheap sets, and (possibly purposeful) bad acting. You also have that snail's pace that is common of the sub-genre, but within the slow movement you actually have some serious mood being built. The film is shrouded in a heavy, creepy, and dreamlike feel that really sucks you in.It's no Kubrick, but it's still one heck of an experiment.

Jason M (nl) wrote: I don't believe Egoyan managed to connect all the dots as well as he hoped, but this still quite a powerful movie.

Dano S (it) wrote: Loved this movie!! Gave me a new appreciation of the book!!

Lisa S (ca) wrote: its all good. i like it. but what bout their kid? it wasmore about teh parents tho.

Nathan C (br) wrote: This is a bad original, Not Scary, Just a place of my boredom.It was shocking, Not Nice, Hellish, Crude, Stupid, Unpredictable and sad.I don't know why directors have the ability to seek in a movie with an original saying it does well, It's Completely unnecessary.Not Good Soundtrack and Awful Script.Chloe Grace Mortez's acting in other movies are way and far off better than what she did in this. Julianne moore is played by the Bitch nut job mom that Sadly she does well in, This is worse than Total Recall, Now I hate Remakes.Score: 3.5/10

Emily L (de) wrote: Visually stunning and as expected of Cirque Du Soleil, quite the awesome spectacle. However it's really just an hour and a half commercial for their Vegas shows with only one sequence that was unique to this show.

John T (ag) wrote: Brilliant film well worth watching

Serge L (nl) wrote: Excellently done. Funny characters all. Really fabulous but not as good as Coraline, storywise. There are some school overused clichs though. Here I noticed a lot of good humour with one other snag, the pilgrims are contrite. It makes it look like they whitewash their murder of past, and the witch is like evil but easily turned around. But it is a child film and there is humour in these facts as well.

Miguel D (mx) wrote: Miguel DeJesus, Schindler's List is a very good movie and should be watched by everyone, the director does a good job at depicting what life was like for the Jews during concentration camp time and World War 2. The story takes place during the year 1939, a man named Oskar Schindler come to Krakow during World War 2 on business looking to make money. During that time Schindler became friends with the Nazi party, Schindler hired Jews as his employees in his factory. Schindler witnessed the many killings of the Jews and the concentration camps where they were forced to move to. A part in the movie that stood out the most was when Schindler spotted the little girl in the red coat as she was hiding from the Nazi but later it shows the body of the little girl on one of the wagons carrying the dead bodies. In the end Schindler and the Nazi must run from the Red Army to avoid being capture. This movie relates to world religion because of the religion of the Jews and the Nazi. This movies relates mostly to Judaism, the earliest reference to Jews is the Hebrews, Israelites and the people of Judah. (Brodd, 2013, 343) In many centuries that followed, the number of Jews living outside of their historic homeland ultimately far exceeded those living within its borders. (Brodd, 2013, 344) For more than two millennia, therefore, dispersion, acculturation, and resistance to total assimilation have formed the larger pattern of Jewish life and must serve as the backdrop to any discussion of Judaism as a historical religion. (Brodd, 2013, 345) Schindler's List was a very moving movie and showed the many things the Jews had to endure during that and all those innocent men, women, and children that lost their lives. Also the part that did stand out was the little girl in the red coat, she is so faultless and afraid and no child should have to feel that way. Brodd, Jeffrey. Invitation to World Religions. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013. Print.

Dely M (it) wrote: Demasiado retro y lowbudget :/

Jesus M (nl) wrote: tan predecible como se poda.Lo nico rescatable es jmes gandolfini con una actuacin siempre digna

Regina R (it) wrote: From the viewpoint of anyone in recovery from any addiction, this movie surely gives a vivid depiction of the intense situations an addict faces. The vivid and captivating portrayal by Benicio of his fight to go thru withdrawal is heartbreaking, almost spellbinding. Great acting for Benicio throughout the film. Hallie Berry is also very good. This film quite effectively portrays some of the saddest and most traumatic sides of human life. Very good movie except for foul language.