This lyrical, modern-day film noir finds cynical hit man Mick (Anthony LaPaglia) tiring of his job and asking his boss, mob kingpin George (Peter Boyle), for time off. George gives him the assignment of his life, however, prompting Mick's soul-searching to reach new heights. Mick is asked to kill the sultry Fiona (Mimi Rogers), who owes George money and claims she wants to die. But as Mick spends time with her, he finds himself falling for her.

A professional assassin, having just "cleaned up" a botched "job," is pressured into another new assignment by his boss. He is beginning to find himself off-balanced and self-questioning ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ankit K (ru) wrote: It's just plain sad. Terrible Script, Shoddy Acting, and a Screenplay that trivialises one of the most deep impacting issues in our country.

Cole W (it) wrote: If a movie can be both one of the best and one of the worst films you have ever seen then Robogeisha is that film. I don't want to give anything away but I will say this watching this original yet vaguely Troma reminescent film you will find out if goblins have penises, how there is virtually nowhere you can't hide a sword, if buildings bleed when you prick them, and view one of the finest butt-sword battles in moviedom. Get out the Dew and the snacks and prepare to yell at your friends checking their Facebooks while they miss the epic scenes this film has to offer.

Shirley Y (kr) wrote: This movie has special meaning for me because some of my friends were there where the action was. I remember those days and I learned a lot from the movie and the GI activists involved in the resistance movement during the Viet Nam era. My then husband and I were part of the GI resistance movement in Europe.

Michael H (ru) wrote: Strong performances help an otherwise sluggish story and side stories that push this film past its limits.

chrissy l (ru) wrote: This is an old movie and its messed up but it has a good story. You have to watch it closely to catch on but its great.

Martha (de) wrote: john delance is terrific in this movie. i really like the story line and was surprised at the end of the movie.

PatrickThomas G (ru) wrote: Crappy movie. Its two saving graces are that it has dinosaurs and that it is so bad that it is funny.

Ryan S (br) wrote: 4.5/5. While the second half is not quite as good as the incredible first half of Full Metal Jacket, the film is one of the greatest war films ever made.

Luke P (gb) wrote: absolutely hated this movie.a boy loves a horse, woopdy doopdy doo

Felix G (mx) wrote: Slightly clunky and a bit lagging for Lubitsch, this is nonetheless a charming and entertaining pre-code comedy. It is surprisingly frank in the three-way relationship between Miriam Hopkins, Fredric March, and Gary Cooper. Hopkins and March are fun to watch, Cooper is a little out of his element but still good.

Bart v (es) wrote: Manborg net gezien en wat kan ik ervan zeggen... Alles is heel slecht, heel cheesy, maar ik heb er toch wel mee vermaakt. Het leuke ervan is dat de film zeer goedkoop is, maar 1000 Canadese dollars! Production began in 2009, with approximately one year of filming followed by two years of post-production. Chroma key backdrops were used for most filmed scenes.Production costs were approximately $1,000 (CAD)