Killer Bean Forever

Killer Bean Forever

When things go bad in Beantown, top assassin Killer Bean is called to clean-up the mess. Detective Cromwell finds himself in the middle between Killer Bean and mob boss Cappuccino.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Killer Bean is sent on a mission in Beantown, but when he attacks one of the mafia boss Cappuccino's warehouse, he may be both police with detective Cromwell at the shit and the mafia behind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Killer Bean Forever torrent reviews

Kyle B (kr) wrote: Phenomenally hilarious!

Bad T (ca) wrote: This is the teenage version of "Fatal Attraction", but not as well done. Not as frightening or as creepy. The first 2/3rds of the film build a little suspense, but not nearly enough. By the time the big finale is in play, I'm tearing apart the film, which means it lost me. I've lost my faith. I'm outside of the film and ripping into it. A. That's enough of a confession to arrest her. B. The cops handcuff her hands in front of her and it takes two of them to take her to jail and one of them sits in the backseat with her and his gun isn't secured and there's no plexiglass between the front seat and the back seat? You write dumb characters, you get a dumb movie. Too bad, because the actors are there, hitting the notes, but the story is dead in the water (heh, heh, get it? swimfan? water?)

Debra M (br) wrote: jason statham rox!!!

intuciic (es) wrote: really good movie! church underground with secrets was really interesting!

Francisca M (fr) wrote: lenta y entretenida, buena actuacin de natalie portman, te identificas con su soledad adolescente

Naa D (au) wrote: Little Boy Blue starts out and ends with you still confused. You will keep ruminating over the plot ( if u ahve the patience) trying to fit the pieces.The plot is unique but there are too many the lead character Jimmy's lack of innitiative to get out from the hell hole, a cruel woman who even though is not his real mother continues to torment him by letting him think he performing incest, Jiimy's mother is introduced so haphazardly and you have no sympathy for her. The two absolutely adorable younger brothers (actually HIS SONS !!! ) are the wrong age unless he could impregnate women at 12 !!! The actors on the other hand are top-notch. Ryan gives a meaningful and convincing performance, Savage is wierd though but a aver fine actor.All and all a great concept but the execution falls short.

Karen F (jp) wrote: This movie stirrs up alot of stuff for me seeing as I am in Isaiah's shoes I am still not sure what I feel but I am grateful for my white mother.

Noel K (it) wrote: Good songs, a bit dark & serious for a musical IMHO.

ClaRita C (jp) wrote: The movie drags you to one of the worst feelings of dissatisfaction and then climbs back to the top and fully satisfies you with a courageous clean end. A nice classic that'll confirm anyone's love for Eastwood.

Kathleen M (au) wrote: This is a fantastic film -- I'm shocked that it wasn't more widely liked