Killer Condom

Killer Condom

The plot takes place in New York, and in the present. In a Hotel called "Quicky" a professor blackmails a student of his into having sex with him. But when the professor puts on a condom, the carnivorous condom bites off his penis and disappears. Detective Mackaroni who gets the case thinks that the college girl just bit off her teacher's penis! Mackaroni goes to the motel himself to check out the crime scene, in the lobby he finds a gigolo named Bill and he asks him to follow him to crime room, there the two men attempt to have sex when they are suddenly interrupted by the attack of a killer condom.

The plot takes place in New York, and in the present. In a Hotel called "Quicky" a professor blackmails a student of his into having sex with him. But when the professor puts on a condom, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif H (it) wrote: Decent flick, not sure why it got bad reviews or why it flopped at the BO. Interesting plot too.

Ahmed A (ru) wrote: Shot in Lebanon in 2006, as the Israeli bombing was taking place, the movie tells of a mother looking for her son, whom she'd left with relatives. She travels in the opposite way to the exodus, in search of her son, "under the bombs".

Lene (us) wrote: Not a great movie, but it is sweet. The actresses are very cute, but sometimes their love scenes seem awkward. Great soundtrack by noodles.

Shaun B (de) wrote: Cliches abound (both for Korean/Asian made action films AND spaghetti westerns of the 60s/70s) in this homage to the best spaghetti westerns made, but it's nothing more than a fun diversion to fill the time with some knowing nods to the astute audience members and some great fight sequences thanks to the deft film making of director Kim Jee-woon.


Stephen W (fr) wrote: Funny Jewish comedy set in the unusual and refreshing location of a mall in Buenos Aires. Well paced with lots of amusing, quirky sub plots. The main coming-of-age story of a lost 20-yr-old trying to find his identity through understanding the mystery of his missing father was engaging, but ultimately a little schmaltzy.

Mirko B (us) wrote: Based on Amelie Nothomb's book, this is a story about a young Belgian girl's disappointment when she goes back to Japan to work in a big company. It's a tale of sadism, humiliation and office terror. Amelie's boss looks like one of Nobuyoshi Araki's fetishistic geisha creatures, intimidating and horrifying. The Baroque score is fantastic, it melts almost effortlessly with the scenes of frantic city life in Japan. Corneau took Sophia Coppola's interpretation of Japan in "Lost In Translation" even further, transforming a company into a micro-universe of conflicting ambitions, cruelty and moral insanity. The scenes of Amelie's naked dance in the office are filled with silent poetry.There's something Kafkian about Amelie's lack of resistance and the persistent cruelty of all the other characters towards her. Like a postmodern female Mersault, she endures all the humiliations without any efforts to escape.

Sarfara A (ca) wrote: Blood Work Starring: Clint Eastwood, Jeff Daniels Dir/Prod by: Clint Eastwood Blood Work, covers mystery/suspense in its limelight, it maybe immature to say that film is either good or bad, because we have most of elements of script to be well-placed. But, there is something missing, the actors chosen to play characters (as far as I believe). Clint Eastwood has put layout of script in genuine way, by hiding identity of the killer. By all chance, it can be regarded as worth-seeing movie.

Maria (fr) wrote: Bst r scenen i brjan dr "grannen" lnar kaffe ;)

Greg P (ca) wrote: Cool As Ice just wasn't quite that cool. I think this could have been a much better movie had they focused more on the storyline involving Kathy and her family and included a little less dance scenes. I understand that the filmmakers were just trying to cash in on Vanilla Ice's fame at the time but I think it made this a worse overall movie. The acting here wasn't as bad as you might think. Ice was ok as Johnny, probably because he was largely just playing his musical persona under a different name. This is worth checking out if you were a Vanilla Ice fan and want to reminisce or just want a few laughs.

Andr D (gb) wrote: Esta comedia de accion acerca de un policia con superpoderes, cuando la vi en mi tierna infancia me fascino, pero al volverla a ver, me parecio una cinta ridicula, con pesimos efectos y que se salva por el carisma de Terence Hill. Un re-make podria convertirse en un exito rotundo. Que esperan Brad Pitt y Seth Rogen?

Wahida K (nl) wrote: A very poor version of Countess Elizabeth Bethory.

Kris W (fr) wrote: Yossarian: A catch? Dr. 'Doc' Daneeka: Sure. Catch-22. Anyone who wants to get out of combat isn't really crazy, so I can't ground him. Yossarian: Ok, let me see if I've got this straight. In order to be grounded, I've got to be crazy. And I must be crazy to keep flying. But if I ask to be grounded, that means I'm not crazy anymore, and I have to keep flying. Dr. 'Doc' Daneeka: You got it, that's Catch-22. Yossarian: Whoo... That's some catch, that Catch-22. Dr. 'Doc' Daneeka: It's the best there is. No where near as good as the book, but some of the sequences that are pulled from the novel works, it's more a collection of good scenes than a fluid movie. Amazing cast, probably one of the best ever assembled.

Christina M (nl) wrote: I love Emily Lloyd's character. She gives all those crusty old people a heart attack.