Killer Elite

Killer Elite

Based on a shocking true story, Killer Elite pits two of the world’s most elite operatives—Danny, an ex-special ops agent and Hunter, his longtime mentor—against the cunning leader of a secret military society. Covering the globe from Australia to Paris, London and the Middle East, Danny and Hunter are plunged into a highly dangerous game of cat and mouse—where the predators become the prey.

Danny Bryce, one of the world's deadliest special-ops agents, returns from self-imposed exile after his mentor, Hunter is captured. His mission: kill three members of Britain's elite Special Air Service responsible for the death of his sons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ru) wrote: A powerful and tragic story about one girl that stood up for her beliefs. Too bad reality is so terribly harsh.

Scott S (ag) wrote: I think its the authenticity of this film that really makes it stand out to me. They take you on this powerful and inspiring journey into the lives of those living in daily hardship and destitution, but manage to still leave you feeling good at the end. Well done guys.

Samuel N (ag) wrote: 'A simple but charming, affecting and thought-provoking story, rich in atmosphere and local history, and beautifully acted by its young leads.'

Ryan R (us) wrote: This movie is great for children because it's telling them not to give up and try again

Paul W (es) wrote: Given most Americans' film diet, few of us will be willing to sit through this slow-paced subtitled tale, particularly the first half-hour or so. But please believe me, it is worth every slow scene, every subtitle. From the time Schultze hears his first zydeco music on the radio to the time he dies on a houseboat in a Louisiana bayou, you'll be a willing participant in Schultze's adventure. There are many echos of Easy Rider in this movie, and I'm certain they're intentional. Just picture a bicycle, not a chopper, and adjust your mindset accordingly. Really well done; I'm so glad I discovered this movie!

ack o (it) wrote: this app sucks it won't let u watch enythang bit the trailers

Andrew L (ca) wrote: Dreamworks like to fill their cast list with loads of big names -- are they compensating for something? Like the fact that they aren't as good as Pixar, & the only decent film they've made is the first Shrek film?

Alejandro R (es) wrote: Very intense and creepy start with a lengthy monologue, but then takes a very different turn to end up in a similar place where it started. Incredible performance from Billy Bob Thornton, who also wrote and directed the film making it a very impressive achievement. I'd wanted to watch it back when it was released in 1996 and although it took me 20 years to finally experience it, it was worth the wait.

Omar K (us) wrote: He was a man who helped create the movies and their ever-lasting impact as entertainment and art. He was at once the world??s most popular star, and still is as recognisable as he was in his prime. He came from nothing and left a legend. A true giant of cinema. This was of course Charlie Chaplin, an actor so important to cinema Richard Attenborough 1992 film Chaplin should be watched for simply a taste of who this man was. The first hour of Chaplin is purely mesmerising as we witness the inherent talent of our protagonist and the creation of the Tramp character. The reason it is such a delight to watch is because knowing the history of joy he has brought to the world leaves us in awe of his beginnings. And also the state of filmmaking as a new medium for everyone is interestingly explored, showing the magic of film, editing and the conditions silent films were made in. He provided a platform for the advent of talkies by popularising film to every corner of Earth, and the gravitas of his accomplishments are felt even in our present, something the original King of Hollywood Douglas Fairbanks and America??s sweetheart Mary Pickford cannot even hope to realise. But what elevates Chaplin??s opening is the stark impact of his poor upbringing on his personality and desire. Chaplin??s own daughter Geraldine plays her grandmother here with such disturbance, she elevates the entirety of Chaplin??s childhood to the point where it bears great influence on his existence. And that existence somewhat loses its way towards the end as it gets quite convoluted considering Chaplin??s varied, more controversial later life. To spend merely an hour on perhaps 50 years of Chaplin??s later life is barely feasible and so as the film tries to cram as much as they can into it, the spark of the opening becomes lost even if we still remain fascinated, possibly because the point of focus ceases to be his film career anymore, it is overcome by his stout political views that dictate his films and mood. Unlike Gandhi, Attenborough??s other biopic of a larger than life figure, Chaplin isn??t given a 3 hour running time, something that would have made this film as good. If it were slightly longer, Attenborough wouldn??t have needed to dramatize Chaplin??s life more than it already is because he was born out of creativity, and so should have utilised his vast career better because he is worthy of a three-hour investigation. To want someone who isn??t Chaplin playing Chaplin for even longer is testament to how much Robert Downey Jr. is an utter marvel. He may look terrifying once he gets older thanks to his lack of visible eyebrows, but Downey exquisitely recreates the special ingredients of the Tramp??s performance. Downey??s performance is so good the final scene of Chaplin receiving his honorary Academy Award whilst viewing the actual Chaplin in action is proof to his brilliance. It may get too sentimental, but his return to Hollywood with a 12-minute standing ovation by his peers results in a heartfelt tearing up, moulding Chaplin into a story of escapism for someone who abandoned his insane mother at a young age and went onto immerse himself in Hollywood, and that success hit him all at once, making his realisation our realisation of greatness. The Verdict: Robert Downey Jr. masterfully immerses himself into a cinematic icon, and the results are astonishing for Chaplin as a film gets to the heart of his undeniable brilliance and influence. ???????????????????? 9/10

Ryan E (ag) wrote: The best heavy metal movie ever made! THIS IS NOT HAIR METAL YOU FAGGOTS! Only heavy metal is real!

if you know me t (mx) wrote: have it this is a must see very good and funny

Michael W (kr) wrote: College student is plunged into Cold War espionage when he becomes involved with an agent while touring Europe. I was surprised this one still held up. Will make you appreciate some of the freedoms we take for granted, like ordering a Whopper at Burger King.

Ken S (au) wrote: Real great performances by Matthew Modine and Nic Cage (I know right?), the movie however just isn't my cup of tea.

Molly H (au) wrote: Never heard of it. Needs a synopsis!!

Otto L (gb) wrote: no stars for the general idea of the movie or Charles Manson as such..the two stars go to Jeremy Davies who does a pretty good job in showing the charisma Manson had.. and how weird the man's views of the world were

familiar s (ca) wrote: The movie starts well enough, and the make-belief story didn't make me uncomfortable enough to enjoy the strategy making process!! The humor played a significant role there (why so serious), I guess. But come second half of the flick, and the suspension of disbelief becomes sort of a challenge to overcome. (No loose ends!!!) It simply keeps descending thereafter, with the end hitting the nail to the coffin. Besides, the performances too were terrible. Having said that, it's a tolerable one (maybe specifically on a fine day) that doesn't call for repeated viewings.

Safrudin A (ru) wrote: is a greet movie....

Matt P (ca) wrote: it is pretty much the title. a lady in a van. very boring, not funny or anything. doesn't really tell a story. just shows a lady living in a van

Jocey D (gb) wrote: Superb acting. Tragic story of genius misunderstood and extinguished too soon.