Killer Flick

Killer Flick

Four young filmmakers travel across the desert to Hollywood in hopes of kidnapping their favorite b-movie actor and forcing him to star in their movie.

Four young filmmakers travel across the desert to Hollywood in hopes of kidnapping their favorite b-movie actor and forcing him to star in their movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antonia L (kr) wrote: Bomb It 2 is a piece of filmmaking that really changes how one sees graffiti, not as vandalism but an idea, a piece of art - an individuals own unique voice. The choice of countries provide interesting dynamic - Palestine, China, Singapore, Tel Aviv each with strict governmental holds on their people, and not all the artists feel threatened but rather, freedom in what they are doing. The fact that film can remain unbiased and merely be a catalyst for the artists' voices is impressive considering the current dynamics of the world that we now live in. Politics play a minor role in the film rather than dictate it. Rather the paint and the pieces do the talking. What really struck me was what the artist from Singapore said about that painting in his country is not as competitive as it is in Europe or the United States. They do it for fun, and they work together, help one another out. Graffiti in the United States and Europe is becoming a form of modern art that has in a way sold its self out. Just looking at artists like Banksy who sell their paintings for thousands of dollars it does resonate that graffiti is being taken and abused in someway. In the end graffiti began on the streets and is for people to enjoy for free. It's about a story for some, discovering what is inside their own instincts, their sub-conscience and painting it for the world to see. Its not just a film about a can of paint, but human emotions, and how they are affected by the world that they live in. That's the genius of Bomb It 2.

Tim R (au) wrote: What an entertaining movie with a great cast and some surprises!

Edwin R (de) wrote: this movie has a certain feel to it. part from the occasion funny gag, there isn't much in substance. and there's virtually no action in this movie. a let down for sure.

Steve S (gb) wrote: an interesting movie with a great performance, as usual, from samantha morton, who shows again why she is one of the best character actresses. unfortunately jason patric's character was such an asshole that i almost hated every minute he was on the screen, which may be a tribute to his acting, but it didn't make me like him anymore than i already don't. still a well done human drama comedy in the end.

Polina V (au) wrote: Tom was creepy and sexy in the same time and I obviously have a big problem, because I pretty much like him like that.The frog (Eddie Redmayne) was...well, frog.

Khaled H (it) wrote: smart script but kind of exaggerated the end is unpredictable but u feel how important was the reason behind an angry man who's looking for revenge

Karen M (jp) wrote: this was my favourite movie when i was a young teen

Sofie P (ag) wrote: I love it! Bo Widerberg is my hero.

Jeff D (us) wrote: Antoine and Collette is totally brill.

John R (kr) wrote: 160627: Wonderful tragedy that scared the snot out of me when I was young. Between the rabies and the tears, I've never forgotten this film. More enjoyable now then it ever has been. A classic.

Jonathan B (ca) wrote: Some great CGI effects make this action thriller a really exciting and enjoyable piece of sic-fi. In fact, the effects are so good, that in places you forget that many of the main characters were realised by computers following the actions of actors covered in ping pong balls. I was particularly impressed with the realisation of Maurice, the orang utan, who is simply superb. I really enjoyed the tension built up as the opposing ape and human societies are bought to the brink of war by acts of aggression on both sides. Indeed, it is unusual and refreshing to have opposing sides in a confrontation depicted as having populations who aren't just either all good or all bad. Real life if more nuanced than that and I like it when movies depict this. This bodes well for the future of this series and I am genuinely looking forward to the next instalment which I hope continues in this manner. The original Planet of the Apes series gave us a variety of characters with different moral viewpoints and I'm glad that this has carried through into the updated films.

John R (us) wrote: 140607: Seems to be typical Tarantino fare. Extreme characters with unique personality quirks. Lots of action and violence. Cars and car chases. Women. Movie for guys who like movies.

Ted W (fr) wrote: I am shocked at how much I enjoyed this piece of nonsense. The sense of humor was wonderfully dark, having Tony Todd, Mr. Candyman himself, in a wonderfully dark cameo, naming characters after greats of horror cinema past and having the most elaborate and amusing death scenes in recent memory. I can't wait to watch the other 4.

Chris H (ru) wrote: I think it works...kinda. Reminds me of a Steven Segal western.

Tim R (it) wrote: A guilty pleasure for Barker fans. Great monsters and Croneberg pretty much steals the show. Worth a look...

Siriporn P (us) wrote: Touching and encouraging.

Giorgio P (it) wrote: I've never really found the inbetweeners that funny. The problem with the comedy is that its just quite repetitive and predictable. I certainly won't remember it but it does have a few good laughs

Alfred M (fr) wrote: This movie was too weird even for me. I didn't see the point of the story and it was difficult to find out who the protagonist and who the antagonist were each supposed to be.