Killer Holiday

Killer Holiday

Taylor, a former juvenile delinquent, convinces straight-'A' student, Cammi to join her and her friends on a Spring Break road trip through the California desert. Ignoring evil premonitions from Cammi, the 8 friends party heavily as they get farther and farther away from civilization along old Route 66 with a killer in pursuit. Anxiety builds as each stop along the way proves stranger and stranger until the group is lured to an abandoned amusement park with a mysterious past far off the main highway. There the group discovers that the park comes complete with broken down vintage carnival rides, shocking surprises, the smell of death, and an enticing, young tattooed serial killer named Spider.

A startling motive is revealed when psychotic killer Melvin 'Spider' Holiday stalks 8 unsuspecting teenage victims lured to an abandoned amusement park off old Route 66. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian W (br) wrote: An interesting look at the decadent lifestyle of The Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones and his rise to stardom and his fall from grace after being fired from the band he started only to be found dead several weeks later. Leo Gregory does a pretty decent portrayal of Jones.


Phil H (it) wrote: Number four and back down we go, the roller coaster continues with Jack Deth and his adventures through time. Unfortunately after a better third film its back to a dreadful trashy B-movie without any amusing trashy charm.Thomerson is still firing the wisecracks but the medieval setting for this is really bad looking. This kind of location can either work looking quite authentic or not work and look really obvious, this is the latter. Everyone is running around what looks like some local woods (you expect to see them run into a car park half the time) and a Romanian castle but you can tell the sets a mile off. Lots of really iffy looking fights, weapon usage and a really cheesy baddie at the top of the tree.Plot wise its getting a bit messy, horrendously corny and badly cliched...actually I kinda lost the plot to be honest. Too many characters and little sub plots going on with rather messy direction and editing. still it doesn't matter as in the end you know Deth will win somehow.I like this films title I might add, not really sure how it relates to the events in the film but its kinda cool.

Justin B (mx) wrote: Shockingly poor follow up.

Ajay T (it) wrote: A fun coming of age story, all filmed in Bloomington, Indiana.I missed the first part, but I'd recommend, anyways it was good enough for cineclub's weekly bicycle movie night! :-)And maybe i like it because I can relate to parts!

Jonathan D (br) wrote: Who knew that watching a guy drive around England could be so entertaining? Great job acting by Tom Hardy.

Bram C (fr) wrote: With a different director and a different lead, this script might have turned into a a good film. Unfortunately we get stuck with a David Fincher wannabe director who tried, but ended up with a sloppy, boring thriller. He should stick with writing though, I believe there might be a future for Greg Francis yet.

Oj H (gb) wrote: Who doesn't enjoy this movie... just fun goof-off comedy

Becca A (nl) wrote: One shouldn't leave this life without a sense of completion.