Killing Bono

Killing Bono

Neil and Ivan McCormick, two Irish brothers who attempt to become rock stars but can only look on as their high school friends U2 become the biggest band in the world.

Two brothers attempt to become global rock stars but can only look on as old school friends U2 become the biggest band in the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlando O (ca) wrote: Willie Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) is at it again with his perverted, alcoholic, and stealing habits back in the santa suit for the holidays. The first film was decent, and had some raunchy outtakes that made it entertaining. Although, Bad Santa 2 fails in trying to surprise us with new humor. It has its sexual raunchy humor, maybe some race jokes, and plenty of stupid humor. It does not work the second time around unlike some movies. The plot follows Willie traveling to Chicago with Marcus (Tony Cox) to steal from a charity group. That is trying to raise donations for the children. Sure, the plot is not exactly a friendly theme about thieves using the santa suit to con people. Even the humor may have some gags but can be overdone and boring. Even, they bring in Willie's deadbeat mother in played by Kathy Bates. The jokes and sexual humor are only fun for a moment until its just pure stupid. That the film is not worth mentioning after it is over. I love that they bring back the original cast like Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, and Brett Kelly as Thurman. Thurman is the idiot now grown teen that has no where to go but obsessed and follows Willie around. The script does not try to do anything new that the first movie succeeded in. It tries to redo the same jokes over again. Some highlights with Christina Hendricks making an appearance as a sponsor to this charity group and also an addicted that may be Willie's counter half with the sex addiction. Bad Santa 2 is just horrible when it comes to boring plot, annoying humor, and redundant concept like the first movie.

D G (nl) wrote: A fun movie about bear culture and acceptance.

Jamie R (jp) wrote: i'm not going to say it's bad just because everyone else has, the death scenes and dialogue should be praised

Keira R (br) wrote: It's def a cheap, low-budget film. It certainly has its funny lines. I'm watching it b/c of the FABULOUS and gorgeous Jessica Leccia but let's just say that I've seen more of her than I EVER wanted to see. Still love u on GL, Jess!!! LOL!! It's a bit campy, the plot is thin, acting is below average but it's eh! Not bad, not great. I've seen worse!

Martin S (es) wrote: A different ww2 movie, nice mood, though perhaps a little chesy at times :)

Mark T (nl) wrote: Yet another Leslie Neilsen spoof. This one considerably better than anything he's done since his Naked Gun days. This time he's sending up Harrison Ford's The Fugitive. Good fun.

Eric R (jp) wrote: David Byrne should make every movie, all of them. They would be improved if he made them. I would watch the hannah montana movie again if David wrote and directed it. Maybe it's because I love talking heads, maybe it's because this is a perfectly weird movie that doesn't need an R rating to be cool. But I love it

Ilsa L (fr) wrote: Insightful romantic comedy that is well scripted and features wonderful perfornces from both Audrey Hepburn amd Albert Finney.

Tracy B (jp) wrote: Loved this. Film noir-ish, very Hitchcockian. Joan Crawford was great, especially as some of the shots were not especially flattering. But man could she turn on the stone cold anger when she had to. "I was just wondering what I did to deserve you" was delivered especially well. And a couple nice twists to the plot- imagine that!

Scott R (ca) wrote: A film that shows that you don't have to be a criminal to be tough. Mitchum plays his tough foreboding self as he tries to settle a cattle deal gone sour. It was better than most westerns in that it was unusual, and Preston was a good man to go bad.

Jacob B (it) wrote: After Earth boasts visual thrills but they're ultimately let down by a poorly-written script and a cliched plot with Jaden and Will Smith never truly getting to do the father-son bonding quality time that made The Pursuit of Happyness an enjoyable biopic. It's a marginal improvement over M. Night Shyamalan's previous vehicle The Last Airbender but that doesn't mean it's a recommendation.

Mihai D (us) wrote: It was nice. Represents how entertainment is gaining on everything. Of course it's a gross exaggeration, but which movie is not?

Andrew F (jp) wrote: This is crap even by Nicholas Cage crap movie standards.

Reen M (ag) wrote: Unfortunately, I can't get the time back I wasted on this movie.