Killing Heat

Killing Heat

A city-woman moves to a foreign country with her future husband, giving up all the comforts of cosmopolitan life. Life in the countryside finally takes its toll on her, and she finds herself involved sexually with another man

A city-woman moves to a foreign country with her future husband, giving up all the comforts of cosmopolitan life. Life in the countryside finally takes its toll on her, and she finds ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Killing Heat torrent reviews

Scott S (fr) wrote: I found it actually really entertaining. Loved the storyline, acting could have been a little better but still an overall great movie to watch.

Vincent T (us) wrote: Vraiment bien. La meme histoire racontee de differents points de vue. Palpitant.

Marissa O (de) wrote: First of all, I wish I could honestly give this movie no stars at all. I love movies and a wide range of them and not usually picky about them and I can usually watch the whole thing even if it isn't all that great; however, this movie was not the case! For the first time in my life, I HAD to turn this movie off after 20 minutes cause it was driving my boyfriend and I crazy! We decided to get this movie after seeing it featured in the new releases on red box. My boyfriend and I both like Bradley Cooper after seeing the hangover 1&2 and limitless, so we thought it should be a good movie. Well, come to find out the movie is indeed not a new release, being first released in 2002. Turned out to be the absolute worst movie I have ever seen in my 24 years of life!!!!! My god!!! My boyfriend and I could not even make it past 20 minutes and we tried to get interested in it but it is just impossible! The acting is horrible by every single actor, even Bradley Cooper!! The little girl's acting was absolutely worst. It was as if they were all reading off of cue cards or something. The music was horrible, sounding like a bad porn movie! The acting was about equivalent to a bad porn as well. The audio and lighting are horrible! There's not one good aspect from this movie! After watching twenty minutes of it, we both were completely lost as to what was happening in the movie and could not take one more second of it! Please do not waste your precious time out of your life to watch this movie!!! It's horrible!!! I believe the makers of this movie released it on DVD to make some money after Bradley's recent success in newer movies! Bradley has sure come a long way from this film! Don't even waste your time! You will regret it!

w k (kr) wrote: laughing,crying,and screaming what a jerk all in one movie

Kevin C (au) wrote: It was cheesey I liked Cuba Much Better with Sean Connery

Michael W (us) wrote: When severe weather warnings are disregarded, terror grips the set of a rock video shoot in the snowy mountains after an avalanche leaves them prey to a reclusive family protecting their turf. While record company officials will mourn the passing of Easy Action, sales will no doubt rise in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Jason A (mx) wrote: This film, parodied in an episode of Futurama, is both sexy, vintage sci fi and campy in its outdated effects and cheesy dialogue. The giant rubber spider is almost as hilarious as the obvious character types. But amazingly it offers an intriguing commentary on gender issues. The film has brilliant moments in which it challenges stereotypes and sexism but really ends up simply reinforcing them. The underlying message is that women "need man's love" or they become cold, vindictive, and irrational. I'd say that this would make an excellent candidate for a modern adaptation. But sadly, not much has changed in the way that Hollywood portrays women...

Corey C (us) wrote: An absolutely hilarious comedy. Fine work from Zemeckis and Russell, with tons of laughs all around.