Killing Time

Killing Time

After the mobster who murdered his partner is acquitted, semicorrupt detective Robert Bryant hires a beautiful female assassin, Maria, to kill him. When he discovers that he cannot afford Maria's services, Bryant is forced to hire another assassin, Madison, to kill her. Maria survives the doublecross and sets out to collect what's owed to her, one way or another.

After the mobster who murdered his partner is acquitted, semicorrupt detective Robert Bryant hires a beautiful female assassin, Maria, to kill him. When he discovers that he cannot afford ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim S (de) wrote: This is a strange movie. Its got a great cast but the script is hit and miss (mostly miss), and the direction is what it is...a made for Canadian cable flick. Its also quite bloody and violent...which is a bit of a surprise.

Usama A (ru) wrote: The movie was nice gang movie but the ending is bad and expected!

Cline D (es) wrote: Les gags sur l'esclavage, a me fait pas trop rire. Malgr deux bons acteurs.

Jenn L (au) wrote: A fresh new movie about a boy and his family of trolls which I thought was the cutest. And his love for them.

Dylan G (it) wrote: For a psychological thriller, this movie is extremely predictable, and not very thrilling! D+

William R (gb) wrote: The most chick flick movie I have seen in my life

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Enemy at the Gates is a decent film. It is about a Russian sniper and a German sniper who play a game of cat-and-mouse during the Battle of Stalingrad. Jude Law and Ed Harris give good performances. The script is a little slow in places. Jean-Jacques Annaud did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and history.

Jody D (jp) wrote: Loved this movie, Adrock should act more!

Morris N (au) wrote: It wasn't as funny as it thought it was. Has a few moments.

Timothy S (au) wrote: It was clearly a simplistic and manipulative movie, but at least the original "Death Wish" had a valid point to make. It had something to say about the changing times we live in. "Death Wish 2" has considerably less to say about much of anything. It stretches credibility to the breaking point and wallows in unpleasantness just to punch of the revenge scenes in the film's second half. The movie exists solely to make money, and in order to justify it's existence, the screenwriters come up with a completely ridiculous plot that asks us to believe that Charles Bronson would be targeted by society's worst a second time 2000 miles away. The writers should have conceived of the franchise in 1974 and given him more children that could have been raped and slaughtered in subsequent films. Bronson himself isn't exactly the warmest and most sympathetic character in the history of cinema, and it's virtually impossible to feel his pain. The movie has a lot more graphic violence than its predecessor, and because of that it almost works as a "so bad it's good" B-movie, but there's quite simply not a lot to like here. And the funny thing is that the franchise actually gets worse from here. There are no surprises along the way since you pretty much know where it's going right from the first few minutes, and the creeps are pretty generic. You don't really get any satisfaction from watching them get blown away. It's like watching Bronson shoot fish in a barrel, and it gets kind of boring after a while. "Death Wish 2" lacks the spark and social commentary that marked the original. With that gone, you're really not left with much.

Breandn M (ru) wrote: Leave it to the Mikhalkov brothers, thoze zany aristocratic lovers of the Russian muzhik, to produce a film about modern hubris that is overly ambitious and embarassingly pretentious. There are flutters of interest, of course: beautiful shots of Western Siberia, hints of magical realism, the eternal old man, the occaisonal humour of village life, the singing gypsy wanderer, the matter-of-fact sensuality, the bizarre (and unmistakably-from-the-1970s) score. But the the film, its epic pretensions, its length, its flat characters, its trite and contrived love stories, and most of all its over-the-top ending are ...too much. Do yourself a favor and spend the 6+ hours reading Rasputin's Farewell to Matyora instead.

Evelyn C (kr) wrote: I love this movie s much~,~,~,~,

russ r (au) wrote: The most interesting points in this movie were Selleck saying "magnum" in his dialog, and he drove a little red sports car.

Muggsy L (br) wrote: SEE THIS MOVIE!! Watch the whole thing. Just do it.

Jack B (nl) wrote: could have been perfect, in many ways goes south of silly a few times , worth a look, but that';s all.

Pante S (mx) wrote: Aguirre: Viking edition

Camille L (gb) wrote: Passionner un spectateur pendant 80 minutes en ne montrant qu'un homme assis qui raconte ses deboires avec une maladie oculaire, c'est un tour de force que realise le genial STEVEN SODERBERGH grace a une mise en scene tres efficace, une image d'une beaute impressionnante et a SPALDING GRAY, qui degage un charisme etonnant. Le film tourne neanmoins un peu en rond dans son dernier quart d'heure. Une experience cinematographique a faire.

Alex H (ru) wrote: Damn Shit Xtreme ce Film la Fesse en Tabarnak lolz...jtrouvais que ca allait l'air poche genre petit drame familliale sans interet, mais c pas ca du tout...a voir!