Beautiful Carmen Colson and her ironworker husband Wayne are placed in the Federal Witness Protection program after witnessing an "incident". Thinking they are at last safe, they are targeted by an experienced hit man and a psychopathic young upstart killer.

A veteran assassin (Mickey Rourke) and his dangerous young partner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) pursue a woman (Diane Lane) and her husband (Thomas Jane) who are placed in the Federal Witness Protection program after witnessing an "incident". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (it) wrote: The cinematography on this film is beautiful with serene shots and powerful visuals that tell a strong story the viewer will never forget. Duvernay tells a great story with her camera, and her first film has me eager to see more of her work.

Harry W (mx) wrote: As Frequency contains Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel who are two immensely talented actors, I really had to see it.Frequency contains a very high- concept plot with a lot of serious potential to it, so it requires the importance of great execution. Thanks to the direction of Gregory Hoblitt, it capitalises on most of its potential and becomes a compelling feature.Frequency's story is actually one of the most original I have seen in a very long time, because it deals with a lot of touching drama and a science fiction premise combined together into an interesting time shift thriller. And it really succeeds. See, I assumed that the key nature of the story would be about Francis Patrick Sullivan saving his father's life through a timeshifting ham radio and that's it, but that proves to be just one of the many story dynamics in Frequency which soon turns into an even more intense and gripping science fiction thriller than I ever could have expected. Toby Emmerich proves what his real writing talent is all about in Frequency, because his story goes through so much as it attempts to connect the two timelines into one through changing the past for the sake of a superior future. His screenplay is also clever because it gives the cast plenty of dialogue to engage with and a lot of situations I honestly got so sucked into the story that I completely forgot about the fact that the story doesn't clarify that well just how the ham radio was able to communicate 30 years into the past, but rather suggesting that it was caused by caused by unusual aurora borealis, which was later clarified on Wikipedia as being highly localized electro-temporal spatial effect. It is easy to notice some flaws in the internal logic of Frequency, but there is never really enough to make the film bad because it is such a compelling story, combining such an interesting science fiction thriller concept with crime drama and the nature of a complicated father-son relationship. There are a lot of reasons to watch Frequency, so fans of science fiction films, for fans of thrillers such as The Sixth Sense or for people willing to watch a compelling and meaningful father son story. It succeeds in every area, and it proves that director Gregory Hoblitt has improved on his skill of directing a thrilling film since his somewhat dull Primal Fear and his high-concept but generic thriller Fallen. Frequency is a massive step up for him, and thanks to him it takes maximum advantage of everything this time around without falling into predictable territory once. The visual effects in the film are used greatly without being excessive in quantity and the cinematography and editing is all good combined with a strongly intense musical score which helps to keep the atmosphere of the film rich with thrills constantly. There are a lot of thrills in Frequency, and it just builds up better and bigger without going excessive until it hits an undeniably perfect climax which ends on such a flawless note that it is bound to leave many audiences smiling.And much of the importance in the story of Frequency falls on its characters and therefore on what the cast can do with them. And luckily enough, Frequency is perfectly cast.Jim Caviezel is faced with the challenge of being in a role where the majority of his performance is reliant on chemistry with someone that he isn't engaging with directly. He has to share a chemistry with someone through a ham radio and not directly. But through the undeniably incredible skill he has as an actor, it feels more than genuinely like he is truly the son of Dennis Quaid. I mean the entire concept of reconnecting with your own father after he has been dead for 30 years is such powerful emotional drama, and Jim Caviezel makes it feel more than genuine. Jim Caviezel's name should be worldwide recognised, because he puts so much effort into making Frequency a compelling drama and making his character so lively that I'm certain that if he finds the right film role one day, he willl surely score an Academy Award nomination. His performance is just incredible and arguably one of the best of his career, close to his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the controversial but excellent 2004 feature The Passion of the Christ. Jim Caviezel is just excellent in Frequency, and his emotional line delivery and facial gestures make him the finest cast member of the film, even better than the immensely talented Dennis Quaid alongside him.But there is no denying that Dennis Quaid is excellent in Frequency. His fierce talent as an actor which has been seen in so many of his other films is not the slightest bit lesser in Frequency. The intense stare the emits from his eyes is one of his most powerful physical elements, and he syncs it with his bodily movements so every part of him feels intense. And the strength in his line delivery and chemistry with Jim Caviezel is just excellent. Similarly, he makes it feel a lot more realistic, and what goes on between him and Jim Caviezel is played out to the maximum effect so that the father-son drama of the story is truly compelling and makes a strong impact. He is great in Frequency.Shawn Doyle's efforts as the manipulative serial killer Jack Shepard is great as well, and Andre Braugher is a strong supporting actor as well.Lastly, Elizabeth Mitchell makes a great presence as the mother and wife of the two protagonists because of the friendly chemistry she shares with everybody and the impact her character makes on each character in small ways. Elizabeth Mitchell is a very friendly and likeable actress, and takes Frequency as a chance to prove that.So really, Frequency is an unexpectedly powerful and entertaining science fiction thriller with great directing and excellent acting in every corner of the film.

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Andrew P (jp) wrote: Five stars...yeah I gave it that. It's pure entertainment, especially when you realize that it was supposed to be a serious movie and that every actor, including the Iceman himself, was being sincere in their performance. "Whackhead tried to play baseball with my homeboy's bike"...let that sink in for a minute. It was said in this movie, and it was said with the thought that it was something that a cool teen(?) would say. If that isn't reason enough to see this movie, well I just don't know what is.

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Connor G (gb) wrote: Similar fare to the first, but not as well crafted or set up.

Emily S (au) wrote: loved the music, loved fred and ginger. a great movie :)

Shawn S (it) wrote: The story and script are excellent, the direction and cinematography are superb, the cast is great, and the score and soundtrack are brilliant.

Grace B (mx) wrote: Save yourself from this... awful