Kilo Two Bravo

Kilo Two Bravo

In September 2006, a 3 man patrol of Paras sets off from their outpost overlooking Kajaki Dam in southern Afghanistan, to engage the Taliban. As they make their way across a dried out river bed one of them steps on a mine left from the Russian occupation some 25 years before. His colleagues rush to his aid only to find they are surrounded by mines and every move threatens serious injury or death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kilo Two Bravo torrent reviews

Adam H (fr) wrote: Superb feel good true story. Demonstrates what hope looks like through a lens of family and faith.

Sandeep R (mx) wrote: thala super performance................... hope unrated version comes in blu-ray.

Kevin M (it) wrote: I have read the Qur'an. Islam is a peacful faith. The religeon is no more violent than any other.

Henrik S (us) wrote: A straightforward ode to firefighters and the American way of life. When it comes to the characters' habits, aspirations, interpretation of duty to oneself and one's profession and especially your pals (playing pranks is a very important part of male bonding) the film is a sheer tour de force of American clichees and I felt like being constantly beaten over the head with shiny high school yearbooks celebrating the glorious unity of 'the lads'. All in all, I still enjoyed the film, because - after all - it is a positive message, albeit as far removed from reality as could possibly be and while I would not entertain the notion of venturing that far into a negative interpretation of the film, some might even call it a bit too much white suburban propagandha, but then again, aren't most US-American mainstream movies ? What saved the day were the strong lead performances by Phoenix and Travolta, the later being especially believable and oozing with jolly neighbour charisma. Phoenix is as brooding as ever, and while he might not be the most flexible of actors, he retains his strong screen presence. Dont worry if you miss this one, it is something to watch while flipping through a magazine or having your afternoon tea on a rainy sunday, but unless you are a Phoenix, Travolta or firefighter fanboy, this won't hit the tune for you.

Caitlin L (jp) wrote: Was hoping for something better.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: Ashley Laurence returns as Kirsty who trades the souls of her philandering boyfriend and his lovers for her own with Pinhead. One would think that she would show more restraint in opening the puzzle box after what happened before.

Douglas H (kr) wrote: great raunchy comedy. and made me see librarians in a new light.

Nick L (mx) wrote: Some cheesiness which is pretty common in anime or movies in general. Having said that, this is possibly some of the best traditional animation I have ever seen.

Larry Y (ca) wrote: adding based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation

Greg S (mx) wrote: Trapped in the Bastille, the Marquis de Sade nonetheless engages in political intrigue, writes S&M porn, and engages in long talks with his penis---which talks back. All of the characters wear animal masks while explicitly re-enacting some of the Maquis' greatest hits, making this intelligent French film into a disturbing cross between MEET THE FEEBLES and SALO.

Justin B (us) wrote: A brainier carpenter entry that lacks a good visceral punch but sports just about everything else we've come to love him for.

Brett H (es) wrote: Rocky 4 is where the series completely jumps the shark and goes for every bit of 80s cheese possible with the premise literally being Rocky vs. The Soviet Union: it's wickedly entertaining! The story follows Rocky, biding his time since his retirement when a new, seemingly invincible Soviet boxer named, Ivan Drago arrives and Apollo Creed decides to defend America's honour and his own pride, by challenging him in the ring. The fight goes disastrously and upon insistence not to stop the fight, Apollo is killed with a fatal blow by Drago, and Rocky then challenges him to an unsanctioned fight in the Soviet Union to avenge his departed friend. We are then treated to the most over-the-top training montages of all-time as, Drago uses a high-tech facility that can even measure his punching strength, and Rocky has to use logs, stones, and other elements of nature for his training inside a log cabin. Ivan Drago is easily Rocky's toughest opponent having been constantly injected with steroids and bred to be a killer, and Dolph Lundgren does an excellent job portraying him with an almost wordless, cold-blooded demeanor. This film is nothing but entertainment, but it does make some odd choices such as Rocky gifting, Paulie a freakin' robot and the nonsense implications that the fight between Rocky and Drago literally brings an end to the Cold War. It's not my favourite entry in the series, but it's a lovingly cheesy watch that perfected its montage skills and excels in its boxing sequences!

Alexander C (us) wrote: This looks bizaare want to see!

Abel D (jp) wrote: It may be indulgent, a little slow between songs and isn't as witty as its script thinks it is, but Bogdanovich's 30s musical throwback still manages to be a barrel of fun. This is partially thanks to the cast, including the late great Madeline Kahn, who are not half bad at singing and give their characters more likability beyond their obvious 30s stereotypes. The sets and costumes, all done in sleek blacks and whites, look really good and achieve that 'black & white in colour' look, and most of all, the songs by the legendary Cole Porter are still the same quality material, loaded with memorable lyrics and double entendres. 'Well did you Evah?' especially being the film's most vibrant and funniest song.

Scott R (ca) wrote: Until the final 20 minutes which are admittedly pretty good, it barely elicited a chuckle from me. Just dumb.

James G (it) wrote: Beautiful film which succeeds in juxtaposing science with romance and spirituality.

Julie T (ru) wrote: A young American girl and fianc go on a pre wedding honeymoon to Italy , where she finds herself answering the letters of the love lorn written to the immortal Juliet Capulate. She finds a letter overlooked for fifty years ( Italians are obviously not very careful with the mail ) and answers it, this causes an elderly English woman and her Grandson ( played by a young man who has zero charisma, and an English accent to rival Dick Van Dyke for most aweful English accent ever, please tell me he's not actually British) and together they travel around Italy searching for the old ladies lost love. What started well, with a sort of qwerky theme, desolves into a predictable rom com, with little com and no real rom.

Zachary S (us) wrote: Ridiculous plot aside, this is a really fun movie to watch and reminds me a lot of the heist movies I enjoyed growing up. The actors are all good (not great, but good) and for the mystery alone it's worth the price of admission. For a fun summer movie that's not too deep or dark, this one's worth seeing.

Miguel G (us) wrote: ironic enough that there were so many commerical placements for this film where it's trying to spread the message how corporates are evilisnt that ironicoh yeah the movie isn't that good either

Chris S (us) wrote: Meaningless drivel that leads you nowhere. Lame and nonsensical mixture of stories that make you sad for wasting your time when you are finished watching.... and sadder for actually spending a dime on this poop.