Nandini is an illegitimate child who comes to Ooty in search of her father. She meets Joji, a tourist guide, and pretends to be mentally unstable in order to get shelter in his house.

Joji (played by Mohanlal) is a tourist guide who meets Nandini (Revathi) whom he mistakes to be a rich woman and hangs around with her. But it is later revealed that she is mentally ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kilukkam torrent reviews

Inta K (gb) wrote: quite ok movie.. just too much mess in it... too unclear..

Erica O (ca) wrote: I was good move is powerful and dingerris and defend and stinge and pian and loded

Natalie S (nl) wrote: Jakey, aww. He is amazing in this, as always, of course. Film's a little dry though.

John Z (es) wrote: This movie is pretty damn good!!!

Chewith I (ca) wrote: I saw this movie the other day and it was surprisingly good. I didnt know that Ted Danson could act in good movies, but he kinda pulled it off. The movie is really carried by Jack Lemmon, who is phenomenal. Touching movie, especially for sons and their fathers. I watched it with a friend of mine and we both had a conversation about how tough it would be to do this with our own fathers.

Dan M (es) wrote: A tragi-comic masterpiece right up there with The Graduate.

Byron B (fr) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes

Matt H (kr) wrote: Pretty solid and fun (if strange) western. I still don't find Marlene Dietrich attractive, she looks like an old lady, and I wish her role was cast differently. There's some slightly funny bits, and the overall atmosphere of the movie is fun and lightweight. Stewart is very good like usual. Some solid character actor moments as well.

Jason S (gb) wrote: A great twisted score fiction film.