Kim, a young boy living on his own on the streets of India, is actually the son of a British officer. He meets a lama, a holy man, and devotes himself to his tending. But when British administrators discover his birthright, he is placed in a British school. His nature, however, is opposed to the regimentation expected for the son of a British soldier, and he rebels. His familiarity with Indian life and his ability to pass as an Indian child allows him to function as a spy for the British as they attempt to thwart revolution and invasion of India. Rejoining his holy man, Kim (with the help of daring adventurer Mahbub Ali) takes on a dangerous mission.

Buring the British Raj, the orphan of a British soldier poses as a Hindu and is torn between his loyalty to a Buddhist mystic and aiding the English secret service. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim torrent reviews

Kairangi M (us) wrote: What else can I say about this horrible movie?The plot is a simple and pretty generic and follows up from the predecessor of this movie, the protagonist have a litter of pups and not surprisingly there is a hierarchy, one is the runt and the others are the more higher ranked pups, moving alongside that the movie introduces a new enemy to the old pack in the first movie, the confrontation to the new threat was absolutely awful though, it was introduced extremely quickly and was not executed well leaving gashes in the plotline and it often left me sitting and wondering what happened or what will happen?The ending did not help either and left me both confused and somewhat angered that this film had (almost) wasted my time, asides from the plot holes it did have some jokes which tickled my funny bone but unfortunately was not enough for me to give it a higher rating than this.This movie would satisfy the likes of a very young audience but anything above may leave family or critics confused.

Roland P (nl) wrote: Gute Unterhaltung. Nice movie to relax

Rachel P (es) wrote: Didn't like the he-bitchy George at all. Story was kinda flat. Even for this time, George would not have been looked at greatly, to me anyhow.

Nandini R (mx) wrote: what a dumb movie it was... a waste of time...especially when I am still hung over Cairo Time ... just could not feel the chemistry between the two people and they looked as if they were forced upon doing something they didn't want to...

Bruce B (us) wrote: An outstanding film, one of the unheard of Brando films, a young Brando at that. I came across a review in Shock Cinema Magazine the reason I got this film, and it was everything I expected by the review. Brando plays a agent for the British Government in the 1800's and he starts a revolt against the Portuguese colony in the Caribbean. This film made in 1968 was I am sure something seen in very few movie houses, maybe underground or 42nd Street, but I doubt it was in the local Movie Mart. How does one rate Evaristo Mrquez performance, there is not enough stars. Over all the movie is worth 5 stars.

Frank N (jp) wrote: Interesting, but confusing and incredibly slow.

BroZilla2003 (ca) wrote: Funny and amusing; why hate on this when you can hate on worse movies?

Camille L (nl) wrote: Les Hommes du Prsident est le testament parfait de son poque, un film si ancr dans les 70s qu'il pourrait drouter plus d'un spectateur contemporain. Avec son rythme particulier, sa propension privilgier les plans fixes pendant de longues minutes pour se laisser porter par la narration, son refus du happy end et son montage plusieurs fois abrupt (la fin tout particulirement), le film d'Alan J. Pakula est un modle du film de journalisme, port par l'interprtation formidable du trio Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman & Jason Robards. Entours d'un casting de supporting roles formidables, ils rendent hommage un script qui fait la part belle au ralisme quasi documentaire. Les Hommes du Prsident est parfois trop lent pour son propre bien et parfois un peu dpass, il n'en demeure pas moins un film remarquable.