Inder (Jeetendra) falls in love with Aarti (Hema Malini) only to realise that he was in an accident that changed her life forever

Inder (Jeetendra) falls in love with Aarti (Hema Malini) only to realise that he was in an accident that changed her life forever . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin G (it) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie more than I anticipated I would. Not perfect by any means but still effective in my opinion as a horror.

Heather M (ca) wrote: I will wait to hear more about this one.

Bill B (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this rather thoughtful approach to the zombie film, and was quite impressed with the character development over the course of the movie. It holds up well on the revisit, and is something that actually gives a legit reason to the whole idea of running zombies, which a lot of people take issue with.Well worth a look if you haven't seen it.Recommended.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Karoleta V (nl) wrote: Cmo sufr viendo sta pelcula, disculpe Sr Retjman pero no he podido con ninguna de sus pelis...

Mark N (mx) wrote: Establishing the plot points of every Death Wish movie to come, it seems a mistake to so wholeheartedly repeat the first movies elements. However the movie does deliver and certainly ups the emotional connection between crime and victim. The fantasy fulfillment of revenge takes a more modern approach with the actual perpetrators begin the targets this time (a choice the original made a brave choice to avoid) and once again Winner & Bronson carve out a piece of movie genre history much aped in decades to come.

Tommy H (nl) wrote: Has one of the most fascinating battle sequences put to film. I loved the scene where Caine says the Africans are mocking them with their music, but the other guy says the Africans are saluting them for fighting so well against impossible odds. I doubt a movie like this could get made today where without context I couldn't help think people might overreact and call it racist. If the movie wasn't bloodless I'm not sure if it could have been made in 1964. Or maybe I'm the one overreacting thinking society is too sensitive. Anyway, great movie and it's good to see Caine in a movie where he lets loose a little and doesn't seem so stiff. The man was born to play Alfred in the Batman movies.

Bryan I (gb) wrote: With all the heavy stuff I've been watching in the last few weeks, this was a nice refreshing change! Very sweet...there's no better way to turn off your brain and just have happy thoughts than watching a Doris Day movie...

Mason W (nl) wrote: What a lovely Bette Davis film. I am a very big Bette Davis fan and love especially her films in the 30's and 40's. Charles Boyer from "Gas Light" another film gem is very good in this. Bette plays a governess in the 1800's whom falls in love with the children's father (Charles Boyer) whose wife is very shrill and often seems cruel. It is on my list of Bette favs.

Jennifer X (ag) wrote: I so don't get British humor.