King David

King David

This is a movie about the life of Israel's king David.

This is a movie about the life of Israel's king David. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott H (de) wrote: What a great propaganda movie, just like our dumbander and chief asked for: Muslims are good, Christians are not good, Americans are abscessed with sex and aggression and colonialism is bad!

Jeffrey C (ru) wrote: The story worth 3.5 points as I didnt see anything different from any other HK crime movies, including the localities, the casts and the reminiscences. Yet, 0.5 points added for being absolutely nostalgic with Lau's performance, which is a perfect resemblance of his earlier work acting as an financial agent in the all time favourite drama 'The Greed of Man'

Isabelle M (gb) wrote: Si comme moi, vous tes fier d'tre breton, allez soutenir l'quipe de Molene. Un film drle et mouvant, qui sent bon la Bretagne.

Craig B (us) wrote: If ever there was a reasoned argument against the use of torture and the suspension of habeas corpus, TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE is that argument. Alex Gibney frames an alarming account of the questionable practices conducted at Abu Ghraib, Bagram Air Base, and Gitmo.

Meagan H (ag) wrote: this movie was amazing!!!

Jessica G (gb) wrote: Very boring, STUPID movie. I only liked one of the songs, but the movie just annoyed me.

Alex M (gb) wrote: The most odd movie ever...

Amanda W (au) wrote: was good...really liked who they picked to play dracula

Gimly M (it) wrote: The Tremors franchise continues to surprise by how not-terrible it is. Of course the original was the only truly good one, but so far the three sequels have been engaging.What I do have trouble wrapping my head around is this fascination so many films have with bizarre quasi-prequels. You know, ones that don't actually expand the mythos itself, but have actors come back to play their own ancestors doing the same thing all over again, in the past? It feels less like it should be a feature film, and more like an Elseworld comic, or a single episode about a parallel universe in a cheesy TV show. Tremors is far from the first to do it, and its a concept that has never really worked for me.

Mad M (br) wrote: A movie of a true Buzz lightyear.Here he goes to infinity and beyond.

Bill B (br) wrote: This is another meandering tale from Franco, but I'm rating it slightly higher just for the gorgeous Lina Romay. I suppose this would possibly be a theme for Franco's work, in that one would probably rate it by how attractive they find the females on display. In this case, the barely legal Romay is a HUGE selling point, playing a vampire who drains the 'life-force' of her victims by going down on them in a series of softcore sex scenes.Worth a look, but don't expect anything in the way of plot.

Paul P (au) wrote: Atypical Pekinpah meets atypical McQueen for an unusually satisfying family drama in 70s lo-key fashion.

Andrew H (de) wrote: More of a mystery thriller with a western setting, rather than a straightforward western. Based upon something written by Alistair MacLean you know it isn't going to be so straight forward as a routine western! It is essentially a story of Who? What? and Why? It is well written and very fast paced. The film is well written; nothing is revealed too early and there is always anticipation for what will happen next. The suspense is fantastic throughout the entire film, and always keeps the audience's attention. The downside of the story comes from the answer to Why? There is no clear answer given to why the events within the story have occurred. As action goes there is not much in the film until the end, although there are some very good stunts and special effects. The acting is good, no one particularly stands out. Charles Bronson plays a very good part as the mysterious prisoner and Richard Crenna is very convincing as Governor Fairchild!! Robert Tessier is quite good as the villain Calhoun and should have been given more screen time. Overall an excellent mystery story with plenty of anticipation and suspense. The acting is good and there is enough action and special effect sense within the story. The only slight problem with the story is when they mysteries are revealed they are not revealed very well and is a bit of anti-climax.

Ennis Brokeback L (jp) wrote: Once of Lance Henriksens best films.