King Guillaume

King Guillaume

Magali plays in a brass band. Guillaume drives a small tourist train. Both spin a perfect love, they share modest dreams and their baby is about to come. But an unexpected news upsets their routine: a man appears and announces that he is Guillaume's estranged father and also reveals that Guillaume is his legitimate heir of a kingdom offshore of France and England. Guillaume and Magali start to dream of a life as monarchs, surrounded by faithful subjects in their castle, enjoying their wealth. But reality is often different to what you can imagine.

Magali plays in a brass band. Guillaume drives a small tourist train. Both spin a perfect love, they share modest dreams and their baby is about to come. But an unexpected news upsets their... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul C (mx) wrote: The only reason I liked this film was because it had some pretty interesting ghost parts. Also because it did have a nice scare factor at some scenes. The story line was decent but pretty confusing. By the end you realize that the whole thing really wasn't as eventful as you thought. The whole time I was wondering what was going on; what is the mystery? But at the end, it wasn't much. The cast was ok. Basically you had eye candy jumping off a balcony and hitting the ground. There was a couple older cast members who acted kind of bad, but the focus really wasn't on them. My favorite character was played by Eriko Hatsune though. She was pretty creepy. This film could of done so much more, but it didn't. It is worth seeing once though for a couple cool scenes.

Adam F (nl) wrote: "Idle Hands" is a good horror comedy with good special effects and more than a few laughs. While it leans a lot more towards the comedy aspect than the horror one, it has some good gore and a few jumps to satisfy your craving for a scary film and towards the end it gets pretty creative with its villain. A large portion of the humour is aimed at the stoner crowd but it's more than just jokes about the munchies and even if that isn't you brand of humour there's enough fun here to keep you interested. There is also a lot of physical and slapstick humour and all of the actors do a good job creating convincing characters while struggling with the evil hand. The makeup is excellent and while there a few special effects that are rough around the edges, most of the time they more than do the job convincingly. Story-wise it might be the brightest horror comedy you've seen but this is a solid film and you'll definitely have a good time with it. (December 31, 2012)

Matthew D (au) wrote: The way Jane Horrocks sings is truly amazing. The acting abilty shown during the 1 hr. 26 minutes of this film is truly wonderful. Hats off to Brenda Blethyn, who in the role of Mari, a drunken abusive mother, is just simply wonderful. This is truly one of my favourite films, it has everything, a bit of romance, hope, violence, comedy, drama.... The list continues like a victorian maid's chores.

Paul J (au) wrote: A strange movie that tries to be clever. The third act is mildly interesting thanks to the self-referential nature of the movie within a movie within a movie. A shame there's no real scares or horror. A few eye-gouging scenes are about it. The film does have a couple decent actors though. Take Poltergeist and Barton Fink and you have a mother and son.

Leslie D (ca) wrote: Alien-eggs from Mars squirting acid making people's chests explode. Sounds familiar? German-Italian rip-off including Mother-alien with a flashlight between its eyes. Enjoyable.

Sayer F (au) wrote: Death at a Funeral is incredibly hilarious with its situational humor, even if it is a bit too far-fetched.

Ori R (jp) wrote: so much drama. oh my godddd.... the first half is kind of enjoyable, the second one? please..... such an embarrassment...