King Lear

King Lear

An aging King invites disaster when he abdicates to his corrupt, toadying daughters and rejects his one loving, but honest one.

An aging King invites disaster when he abdicates to his corrupt, toadying daughters and rejects his one loving, but honest one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tate E (ca) wrote: The movie manages to be entertaining while always border lining on ho hum. It's a different take on post apocalyptic events. I liked the fact it had a strong libertarian woman who knew her constitutional rights. Chilling, since this type of event seems more liable to occur than say, a zombie takeover...but you should still be prepared for either, of course.

Nicholas H (au) wrote: This indie teen flick borrows too heavily from its inspirations. It worked on a slow Monday night on The Movie Channel, but I wouldn't seek it out.

Leonardo Malacay S (ag) wrote: Joder y es que ser adolescente no es fcil y Van Sant logra meternos en la cabeza de un adolescente en una pelcula de maravillosas imgenes, sonidos y una msica apabullante.

CJ C (nl) wrote: Better then I thought it would be, but predictable & generic. Not a hint of Argento's style either. At Hulu.

Wrik S (es) wrote: Maggie does the job alone.. Heart-touching story of how society deals with such women..

Thomas T (it) wrote: American Wedding does not own the charm that I thought the American Pie formula would deliver.

Carol H (es) wrote: I liked it the first time I saw it. The second time, not so much.

Lady D (br) wrote: Actor Phil Davis takes a Directional role in perhaps one of the best films within the football hooligan theme. Set in the 1980?s, amidst the height of the much publicised football violence in Britain, I.D. is perhaps, not perfect in it?s acting, but an interesting undercover story and one that is definitely worth watching.

Lisa R (mx) wrote: I love Whit Stillman.

Michael R (au) wrote: I liked it more when I was a kid. Now it seems to put the 'noir' movieness in the way of understanding what motivates and causes people to fail, ie their choices up or down. An ex con/cop with a bitter hard edge wants to make something full of real feeling in the world of hardasses. The girl with the kid is heartbroken by the grifter she's with, the cafe owner is a stereotypical 'old soul' (it seems ppl always use this to describe themselves when they want to give unasked for advice) who lets herself get used but tries to prevent others from doing it too. Then the gangsters are lead by Divine in a man's suit. I like the basic gist of it, the search for human feelings in the bitterness, but the characters are annoying and just want to be satisfied like dogs. Divine's kingpin boss is the only reason I finished watching it. What a great actor.

TheMumblelover (es) wrote: The film is good but is disjointed especially in the character development side. A coming of age drama with Vietnam in the background though this side is not developed more of the fear of the draft and not wanting to fight. The characters seem to develop without any consistency of character and a couple of characters and scenes become a bit implausible. The surfing shots save the film and its a shame the script wasn't sure what it wanted to be or where to go.

Chris L (fr) wrote: Great performances and laugh out loud funny . Can't believe I hadn't heard of this movie before.

Karsh D (br) wrote: Whilst the fx were good for its time, it is a slow plodder of a film as a group of scientists are shrunk and put into a body of a man.

Luis M (de) wrote: Uniquely interesting at that with a touch of reality. Director Monthon Arayangkoon (The House) tells a tale within a tale starring Pitchanart Sakakorn playing a multitude a characters ...hmm...wonder if she got paid extra for that - lot of work. Synopsis: Ting (Sakakorn) is a hardworking actress whom involves herself in reenactment occupation for prior murders. With popularity on the rise for the young performer, she takes on a job that begins a ghostly disturbance coming from the other side. It's very different from the typical Asian horror, but can be downright confusing you just about lose all thought on what is going on. The answers are all there, all you have to do is watch the film a second time that may or may not be a little more enjoyable. The murder stories in this film are from real cases and filmed in its actual locations where they originally happened. However, with all this paranormal CG or no CG, and supposedly some real ghostly scenes caught on camera towards the end, it wasn't enough to be a part of the scariest films list. Too many ghostly scenes without much of them really getting under your skin, but affective enough to keep your scare level rising until it finally hits you.

Tyler D (de) wrote: At first it seems like one of those unrated comedy skin flicks you'd like to fast forward to the skin parts but it's a pretty good movie that is funny when it tries to be has a plot that can be followed unlike so many of it's kind. I wouldn't really recommend it unless if you're into this kind of movie or have time to kill and just want to turn off your brain

Mandela W (ru) wrote: Constantine is an intriguing comic book figure in the DC world, a member of the Dark Justice League and one hell of a badass exorcist. He deals with the mystic arts and has faced demons more times than he can count. in 2005 it was the right time to bring Constantine to the big screen and it had a great leading man in Keanu Reeves. However it's execution fell flat and we didn't see quite the comic book character we wanted to. John Constantine is introduced to us as a unique kind of exorcist. He is tasked by god to send demons who inhabit human bodies back to hell. In the film we see that there is an unusual case of demons trying to break through into the human world. At the same time Constantine is asked by Detective Angela Dodson to help her solve the mysterious suicide of her sister who may have been influenced by demonic voices to kill herself. Constantine helps her out and hopes that maybe his good deeds will finally buy him his way into heaven.The film started out with one of the most impressive introductions to a main character I've ever seen in the apartment exorcism scene. It should the intelligence, poise and unique nature of he character. The CGI was not bad the demons came out real well on screen. the scene where he jumps up and the demons try to catch him was an extraordinary shot well placed by Lawrence. Lawrences' camera usage is impressive here and so is the lighting. His directing here isn't anywhere near as sharp and focused as it was for the Hunger Games films. Some of the sound mixing and editing was lazily done I could hear some distinct mess ups in the sound work. the plot was quite shaky I can see the writers stuggled with the incorportation of theological elements. it did get ridiculous towards the end.On the acting side of things. Keanu reeves performance as the comic book character was pretty solid. It was more on the serious side than the comedic work from Matt Ryan these days. He portrays more of the exorcist or fallen angel that Constantine is with such a zen like calmness. Rachel weisz's character unforuntatly was poorly written. you constantly forget she is a cop weisz makes very little effort to move her away from a damsel in distress type of woman.This was overall an ok film but not a great one

Ilja S (kr) wrote: This movie had so much potential, and ultimately failes to deliver, well, anything. The source material is great stuff, and after the not so well recieved fist installment, this movie could have really made a difference. It ended up being even worse, poorly written, and has some of the worst CGI ever seen.

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