King Lear

King Lear

A descendant of Shakespeare attemps to restore his plays in a world rebuilding itself after the Chernobyl catastrophe obliterates most of human civilization.

Everything returns to normal after Chernobyl. That is, everything but art. Most of the great works are lost, and it is up to people like William Shakespear Junior the Fifth to restore the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


King Lear torrent reviews

Chantal B (ca) wrote: That Julian Assange is pretty strange... Another fine acting job by Mr Cumbersomething!

Kirat P (ru) wrote: CINEMA AT ITS BEST !

Matthew T (it) wrote: An amazing cast and a proven director is the only reason to see this film. It's dour and plodding and ends predictably enough.

Amlie B (nl) wrote: Happened to see a lot of great camera shots and effects... yet the plot was a bit too teenage-thriller for my taste. Ok movie.

Pasha A (gb) wrote: Full of details and realities. Consider My Rating 3.75 Stars!

Luis P (de) wrote: I had such a blast watching this documentary about religion. It was very amusing to see Bill Maher interview several religious figures and expose the holes in their belief systems. I recommend this to anyone remotely interested in taking an objective look at religions in general. Besides, its frigginhilarious. :D

Andrew S (fr) wrote: I saw it in German (Leergut) and still enjoyed it tremendously.

Mihir D (nl) wrote: You think you can copy No Man's Land and get away with it? Nah...Plus, pathetic acting does spoil this already poorly written boring film. Sorry, this movie is far from realistic.

Becs D (us) wrote: Nick Broomfield documenting the lead up to the execution of one of the most infamous female killers, was Aileen a product of her upbringing? A perpetrator or victim? Mad or bad? Broomfield's style provokes all of those to be questioned, whilst also cashing in like many others on the life and death of wuornos.

Migdalia F (br) wrote: NO Burt Reynolds for me.

Brendan R (br) wrote: Robin Williams was absolutely fantastic. The story was touching. Supporting cast was great.

David S (ag) wrote: Small Wonder, on steroids. 1980's fun. Best (maybe only) death-by-basketball scene in movie history. Always a good time seeing the late, great Anne Ramsey on screen (The Goonies, Throw Momma from the Train).

Christopher W (mx) wrote: Recently revisited the biopic that chronicles the Master of Suspense's life and turbulent marital relationship during the making of his magnum opus "Psycho." Sir Anthony Hopkins is superb as Hitch, but Helen Mirren seems to steal the show as his endearing wife Alma. There was a little hokeyness in the film such as the scenes where Hitch continually fantasizes interactions with Psycho's inspiration, Ed Gein. All in all, "Hitchcock" prevails as an enjoyable film.

Chris D (nl) wrote: Unique, cute and fun. Great for kids or adults.

Logan M (it) wrote: Although it never should never have won against "Citizen Kane," it's still a pretty good movie.

John Y (br) wrote: Somewhat humorous and enjoyable, but the musical numbers were less than spectacular.