King of the Game

King of the Game


The hero is trying to make right and exit from the crime game. He ends up sinking deeper into the life| and is marked for murder by the boss. When he storms a
brothel to rescue a young woman| the darkness and evil of the crime world show their ugliness and everyone's desire to kill for the king of the game. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


King of the Game torrent reviews

Mikhail B (au) wrote: The film fails aspirations for any psychological content, whatsoever. Basically, it's conversations after sex about sex, and without sex. The latter is quite frustrating.

Joanna G (br) wrote: they don't look very hot to me...

Taylor W (au) wrote: If back to the future & click had an awful name it be clockstoppers

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First viewing - Teen years)

Lotti K (ca) wrote: If you like Women In Prison flicks as much as I do, this one's for you. (R.I.P. Wendy O.)

Private U (kr) wrote: L'histoire est interessante, du moins au debut. Mais le film tire petit a petit en longueur du milieu jusqu'a la fin. Et on ne comprend plus rien. Dommage.