King Ubu

King Ubu

A grotesque Shakespearean tale of Ubu who comes to power in a bloody way. When his absurd reforms fail and the treasury gets empty, Ubu and his flatterers start implementing terror across the country.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Frank H (nl) wrote: The story/writing is decent for the genre... however the lead actor (Wesley Elder) is so stiff throughout the movie that it is impossible to enjoy. Put one of the usual suspects into the role (Owen Wilson / Ben Stiller / Etc ) and you'd have a hit.

Randy Y (ag) wrote: I honk I give This guy too much credit based on his early films- so many of his films are adolescent action movies where there's a real simple concept that serves as the reason for beating people up... then it's just cliche scenes with agitating tense music (all the time imagining some 13 yr old came up with the ideas while saying "that would be so cool!")

Tracy W (mx) wrote: A gritty, fast paced, over the top, Korean Bad Cop vs Very VERY Bad Cop thriller. The film is full of vibrant humor, excellent performances and bloody wall to wall in your face action. My only real complaint here (and this is with alot of films from this genre) is that it is a little over-long towards the end. I felt the last fight went on and on and on of course not MATRIX RELOADED LONG but it could have been edited a tad bit shorter for my taste. Anyone interested in Good action films should give this one a look. I wouldnt be surprise if there's already a deal in the works to make an American version. Its that good. Of course, people like me will sit around telling the the unaware of the superior original. :D Highly recommended viewing.

Scott S (es) wrote: an articulate film about "what's next?" after an event wipes out most computer based tech. What makes it different is that it focused on the human and relationship elements and not the actual zombies/explosions/gore/dreary holocaust one normally expects in an End of Days scenario.

Pascal C (ag) wrote: Residents of an enclosed neighborhood in the middle of Mexico DF are shocked by a violent crime, and for one resident in particular, young Alejandro, the drama is ratcheted up when he encounters the lone kid who escaped the event and is hiding out within the neighborhood's borders.

Chase H (ag) wrote: Hot chick. Good story. Bad ending. The film seemed too short and the ending was lame. There could have been another 30 minutes of action and crazy mind games or for a better ending that could have led to a sequel.

Nicki M (br) wrote: Great series, have really enjoyed all these movies.

Diego F V (us) wrote: Es magnifica!!! Es un recorrido musical muy completo sobre la musica gitana. Tiene que ver tambien un poco con el origen de los gitanos y el como se esparcieron por Europa en clanes o kumpanias. No es una pelicula informativa, tiene mas el estilo documental. Ningun dialogo o ninguna escena relevante. Solo musica y ella, habla por si misma.

Guy D (br) wrote: The Spanish "Vertigo", wry, tense and haunting

Bill B (ca) wrote: Michael Myers returns and we get the introduction of cute little Danielle Harris, then get a ret-con of Loomis' death as he's shoe-horned back into the series like a horror Ahab, set to hunt his favorite 'whale' in an increasingly unhinged manner.This was a first time watch for me this past Halloween, and I enjoyed it well enough, even if you can feel things starting to go off the rails.Rental.

Mithun G (es) wrote: This film is seriously flawed but still so much fun. Some of the musical set pieces are stunning.

Ruben A (gb) wrote: very entertaining, wish they could have had more variety in the films they displayed.

Logan M (ru) wrote: This dreary comedy and aloof drama failed to reach me.

Jamie C (au) wrote: Not a film I knew much about nor had I heard of the French original but after watching it I didn't find it bad at all, Apart from some wooden acting by some of the cast it was a good action film, If you added a few more car chases you could of had a Fast & Furious spin off, Some nice free running and fight scenes, The story wasn't nothing new and did feel rushed but like I always say no one goes to watch these films expecting an amazing plot and Oscar winning performances, The ending was kind of different, Overall a nice action film that kills 90 minutes.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: When Disney started picking out their old classics to be remade for the modern audiences, they've picked good choices on making really good remakes like this one being sweet, cute and funny. I haven't seen the original, but I think I would enjoy this remake more because it stars Williams from "Aladdin" and "Jumanji." (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Erik D (ag) wrote: Such a slow paced movie. Decent enough start to the movie but nothing really happened after that. Characters didn't make sense and the ending left much to be desired. Other than that it was swell.