After bowler Roy Munson swindles the wrong crowd and is left with a hook for a hand, he settles into impoverished obscurity. That is, until he uncovers the next big thing: an Amish kid named Ishmael. So, the corrupt and the hopelessly naïve hit the circuit intent on settling an old score with Big Ern.

Roy Munson was raised to be the best bowler in the world. But a fellow bowler, Ernie McCracken and a misunderstanding with some rough punks, leaves poor Roy with the loss of his bowling hand. Before losing his hand to some angry bowlers he scammed, Roy was a bowling phenomenon. Twenty years later, Roy takes a gifted Amish bowler under his wing, and, in a comic series of raunchy adventures, they go on a mission to beat Roy';s old rival Big Ern. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kingpin torrent reviews

Tim M (mx) wrote: "Cosmologically profound" is a bit much, but it truly is an "eerily beautiful", "must-see fresh take on crime and redemption". Punctuated with folk songs and establishing titles, Gass-Donnelly does an amazing job.

jassim a (nl) wrote: I love indie films, i love uma thurman, and all the people cast in this film, but this film i dont like. its terrible, boring, and lifeless, guess just as the lead character is projecting, i might have high respect for motherhood but no this film

Carina O (gb) wrote: Oh how I laughed!! Great humour! Kjell Bjarne is my favourite!

Rob L (ru) wrote: Movie could have been better. Carol Kane was awful in this.

Igor M (au) wrote: i love this script!! better to find the play in a thatre and watch that than watching this movie, but if you're at home and you want to have some real, genuine laugh, then put this classic on!

David H (de) wrote: A Once again great Charles Bronson in the Story of a Man who get overhauled by his Dark Past and from one Moment to another his Peacefully Life on the French Riveria turns in a Nightmare like in his Old Days

Josh K (br) wrote: One of the most uncomfortable film about relationships I've ever seen. The female protagonist, Sabine, trying to emulate 19th century notions of courtship and marriage, fancies an upper-middle-class single lawyer who would rather work at his job than have a relationship with her. The film asks its viewers to think about how our work lives impinge on our ideas of love and romance and gives no easy answers. An artist character who sleeps with the Sabine is just as much a pig as the lawyer (if not more so); Sabine's romantic ideals justify (in her mind) being dependent on a breadwinner. Neither nostalgia for the 19th century nor embracing 20th century norms of careers and casual sex seem very satisfactory solutions to charting one's life.

Michael Tony V (br) wrote: Annoying, lazy and stupid story and just a huge music video. Burlesque will just make you cringe even it's songs can't rescue the 2 hours of glitter and women. This movie plagiaries every other Musical cause calling this movie cliche is too fucking nice.

Film C (de) wrote: really good is about the perfect robbery where michael caines charactor wants to steal this ornoment of a lady that is dead but its really expensive priceless in fact so he picks this ldy that looks like this guys dead wife and ends up falling in love with her but its a really good film

Andy I (jp) wrote: This was amazingly realistic, and very successful in it's mocumentary style. I wasn't really blown away, but it was fairly insightful.