Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

A Tokyo businessman (Hiroshi Hada), transferred to L.A, molests a teenage girl on a train. It turns out that the girl is the daughter of a vice cop. But in one of those plot twists that can only occur in the movies, the cop is assigned to find the businessman's own daughter who has been kidnapped and forced into a teen prostitution ring.

After his young daughter is molested, a vice cop is determined to crush a child slavery ring. he then teams up with his partner to hunt down the pimp who preys on teenagers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Swee Fong T (es) wrote: The sad truth unknown to most people. Human's ugliness beyond imagination. This powerful and heart-wrenching film is a fantastic portrayal of the depressing true story.

Walter A (mx) wrote: This movie sucked...........................

Raji K (gb) wrote: Katherine Heigl and James Marsden star in 27 Dresses. Heigl is Jane, a girl who always a bridesmaid, but never a bride. This is the case so much so that she even attends two different weddings at one night, going back and forth between the two. In the process of this, she is noticed by Kevin (Marsden) and cannot believe she is able to handle and plan this turn of events.Jane is always up for helping her friends and plan their weddings, that she has little time for herself. She works for a wonderful boss George (Ed Burns) and is in love with him, but is afraid to tell him how she feels. Right when she is on the verge of telling him, her sister Tess (Malin Akerman) comes in and steals her moment, and the two begin dating. A good portion of the film continues with them dating, as Jane continues to pretend she is alright with it. Kevin is shadowing the events of the whole wedding as he is writing a story about Jane being a bridesmaid unknown to anyone. What bothers Jane the most is her sister Tess is not even being true to herself, and simply trying to impress George. Heigl was surprisingly good as Jane as she goes through a roller coaster of emotions. You feel her uneasiness of the awkward situations she is, but still feel for her as she does her best to support her loved ones. The film breaks the Hollywood mold of love at first sight, as the audience knows that Heigl and Marsden will wind up together, but goes through an interesting path for her to realize this. The film has a few hokey moments, but has many realistic interactions between characters that are well written. Jane is certainly relatable, and there are quite of people who know people that are selfish and thoughtless like Tess, or against the ideals of marriage such as Marsden. The theme of the 27 dresses really permeates through the film and it advances the plot and brings the film to closure rather than just being a simple title. There is a great scene where Heigl goes through and models a good portion of the 27, which really connects Kevin and Jane. A few moments in the film have you wondering how Heigl has so many friends all of which seem to want to be in her wedding. These women are hardly seen, nor do they interact, but this inclusion could have also seriously bogged down the story and pacing of the film. The film is not a movie that will make you laugh out loud, cry or feel any intense emotion, but it's a good movie. - 10.08.2016

Lauren D (mx) wrote: I actually watched this over a week, watching an hour a day. Some people have said this isn't the right way to watch it, but for me it was.I have trouble paying attention to long movies, especially ones like this, so I was actually paying attention to each hour, before getting to the point where I stop concentrating. It was boring. I LOVE long takes, but these were just pointless. The scene with the cat made me cringe, because animal cruelty makes me cry like a baby.

Jerry C (ca) wrote: JOHN LEARY: We're at a crossroads, can you feel it? It's dark down there and there are things, nobody wants to meet in the dark. Whether we'll come out on the other side, hating everything and everybody, I don't know.

Scott A (ag) wrote: Movie was alright, but the strong performances from the great cast probably elevate the unoriginal and overlong story.Jazz is not my taste in movies, but it had an all jazz score, so they was interesting, and probably works for people that like that music. Having Flavor Flav spell out UNIVERSAL over the opening logo was...odd.Basically it's like a music number, ten minutes of drama, musical number, ten minutes of drama, etc...I liked the scene where Denzel seemingly has the same fight with both of the women he is banging.Snipes was pretty good here, but besides wooing a taken girl we really don't get anything from his character, or anyone really from the band, besides Denzel. Lee gives his character a ton of screen time, which is probably a shame as he is the least one we care about.A few small early roles for Samuel L. Jackson and Charlie Murphy!I liked how the film ended, going full circle so to speak.

Daniel C (gb) wrote: Not so much a meditation on liberation theology as an attempted inspirational biopic, pitting poverty against politics. Its technical quality limits its effectiveness.

Steven W (us) wrote: One of the best films ever made. Easily in my top ten

Joseph S (kr) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid and still enjoyed this as an adult.