Kinnam Katha Kallan

Kinnam Katha Kallan

Two police officers (Jagadish & Sreenivasan) compete against each other to win the heart of a girl.

Two police officers (Jagadish & Sreenivasan) compete against each other to win the heart of a girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cee D (ag) wrote: This story had everything I enjoy in a movie. The acting was brilliant: the plot was well crafted: the characters were genuine and well cast: and the production was on point. Moreover, Thomas Guiry deserves acknowledgement for his role as a mentally challenged teen turning adult. Guiry is a star in the making. Overall, Yonkers Joe is very entertaining.

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Geneb B (br) wrote: Bettis' performance is truly a wonder to behold. Plot is predictable but effectively done.But the cast list is at the very end of the credits, behind all the Casting Directors and Assistant Directors and Best Boys and Worst Boys all the children no one cares about except themselves. No one else cares, they want to see the cast list. To list it at the very end of the credits is an insult..

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Brian B (jp) wrote: This is a somewhat predictable but lovely film which combines an honest look at poverty in India with one of the best love stories in recent years.Jamal who wants to find his long lost love Latika, goes on a game show called "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". After he's suspected of cheating, he's interrogated and he starts to explain how he knew all the answers.To say that this is expertly shot would be an understatement. It would be nearly impossible for another movie to win "Best Picture" over it. Every shot is amazing and not a single one seems worse than the last.The clever structure of the film uses the backstory to explain how he knew each of the answers to show what life is like for much of India's population. Even some of the more disturbing things that go on are detailed very well in the movie.The actors all did a great job. Especially the younger cast which is rather surprising considering that this is their first time acting for many of them. They acted well and I was sold in the first 20 minutes.Unfortunately, the film's strength falters near the end. Blaming plot contrivances on "fate" seemed lazy and the happy ending felt a bit hollow to me. But besides this, this is still a powerful and moving film which will entertain you all throughout it.This is a great movie. It has great acting and it was expertly shot. The movie details violence well and it's handled greatly too. This is Danny Boyle's best movie since Sunshine and Trainspotting.