Kireedam movie revolves around Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal), the son of Achuthan Nair (Thilakan), a Police Constable who wishes to make his son an Inspector one day. Sethu, a recent college graduate, has many opportunities to enter different fields but he goes with his father's dream of becoming an Inspector. Achuthan Nair gets transferred into a town whose residents are troubled by the rowdy Keerikkadan Jose (Mohan Raj). The police force in the town turns a blind eye to the acts of Keerikkadan Jose. One day Achuthan Nair gets information that Keerikkadan Jose is creating trouble in the market place. Being an honest police man he goes on site to investigate where he takes him on. Hearing of trouble Sethu too rushes to the market place. Achuthan Nair is no match for the goon and Sethumadhavan tries to intervene before his father gets killed.

The life of a young man turns upside down when he intervenes in a dispute in order to rescue his father (a cop) from a ruthless local outlaw. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer A (jp) wrote: I don't think I've seen a WW2 movie that was as good as this since Saving Private Ryan! An incredible true story about a medic who doesn't want to take a life during the chaos and trauma of Battle of Okinawa, but to save his own men.

Borhan K (mx) wrote: This movie Authors Anonymous teams up a good team of A list actors to tell the story of a group of authors trying to make it in the writing world.That is the whole premises of the story line and i have to say it went for 90mins and it was way too long. I think this story should have stayed a novel if it was first a novel because adapting it to film was a poor idea and all i can say was it was like reading a book but had no real performances.A academic love story between penny and Chris Klien but all in all it really had nothing to offer to the audience except live your life and have experiences and enjoy those experiences except of analytically analyzing situations and what ifs...This is PG a tad boring for the kiddies and even the parents.

Ed F (ag) wrote: Do the family and the man some respect and watch this film.

Conrad S (ru) wrote: This movie's got more funk than the 70s!

Chris G (jp) wrote: Given that it is obviously crap, I actually kind of enjoyed it. Exactly like a Saturday morning kids cartoon as far as plot and quality of animation is concerned, except with an embarrassing amount if tits and gore.

aidan M (br) wrote: got it on DVD just have not seen it yet

Ben T (br) wrote: Amazing performances from fox and penn

Aly A (ag) wrote: poor hands... such good strong hands damb brothers

Alec B (gb) wrote: The ending pushes the limit on psychological credibility so far that it almost completely strays into unwanted camp territory, but before that its a simple mystery that possess an eerie uncertainty. Each character's motivations are in question from the moment they are introduced. So I think I can give it a pass, but not without serious reservations.

Larry M (nl) wrote: Great mix of action and horror,the vampires feed on the lifeforce of their victims leaving them aged and withered.Kronos is a hybrid,somehow surviving a vampire bite and gaining increased longivity,he sets out with his sidekick to rid the earth of the undead. Plenty of sword fights and plot twist.Caroline Munro is one of the sexiest women to ever live,playing the gypsy girl/love interest.One of the most original movies ever produced by Hammer films. Since Hammer films is back in buisness,they should do a sequel set in the modern times,but Kronos needs to keep his swords for it to work.

Alma H (nl) wrote: Freaking awesome movie!!!

Alex K (jp) wrote: I Only Just Only Like Only Just Like Only Like Violence, Swearing, Sex And Nudity Only Just Only In R-Rated Movies.

Brian H (au) wrote: I like the sizzle, but there really wasn't much steak.